Monday, April 4, 2016

Marcy Jo's in Pottsville, Tennessee, Revisited


On May 19, 2012, I wrote a blog post entitled, "Marcy Jo's Mealhouse and Bakery." Since Greg and I hadn't been to Marcy Jo's in Pottsville, Tennessee (which is near Columbia) in a while, we decided to revisit it. We love the charming country/rural atmosphere and the great food. The people who work there are nice and friendly.

Artistic Sign

We noticed on this visit that there was a nice gift shop upstairs. It had some pretty jewelry. (Jewelry is one of the main reasons I love gift shops!) There were also clothes, all kinds of novelties, and, of course, albums and DVD's of Joey + Rory. (Joey Feek was one of the owners of Marcy Jo's before she recently passed away.)

Downstairs, there are pretty antique pieces for sale.

There is a set menu, and they have specials every day, as well. The food is fresh and tasty!

After we got back home, Greg and I enjoyed carry-out desserts from Marcy Jo's, our special-occasion splurge of pecan pie and carrot cake. The carrot cake was one of the best desserts I've ever had!

Fly on over and check out Marcy Jo's...

You'll be glad you did!

Marcy Jo's Mealhouse & Bakery

 Positive thought: "Plant smiles, grow giggles, harvest love." (From a church sign)
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Anonymous said...

yummy food! I'll bet the desserts are heavenly. the artsy rustic look is just what I like. thanks again for posting!