Sunday, September 5, 2021

Grounding- Positively Life-changing!


And happy fall y'all! (Wednesday, September 22, 2021!)

I feel like today's blog post is one of my most important ones ever, and I hope you learn something helpful. Enjoy!

Not long ago, I was talking with relatives, and they were all telling about doing yardwork and gardening, and I told them that I didn't do that type of thing, that Greg handled all of that. I said that I was more of an indoor girl than an outdoor girl (except for an occasional walk in the park or for a picnic now and then).

Little did I know that in a few short weeks, I would change my tune after I discovered- grounding (earthing)!*

While searching online one day, I accidentally found out about the Schumann resonance which is 7.83 Hz, the frequency of Mother Earth. When we get in touch with that frequency, we can hopefully be healed. It is a good EMF energy that can be healing physically, mentally, and emotionally!

The concept was so interesting that I did further research, and I found a website, Intuition-Physician, that seemed to explain it all simply and convincingly. Dr. Laura Koniver's website has a ton of information about grounding, and I am still learning a lot when I have the time to study it.

With my newfound knowledge, I started grounding right away. It's easy to begin since all you have to do is to put your bare feet on the bare ground...

or in the grass to get the healing energy of the earth.

You can make grounding a very special time... 

like eating barefoot at a table for one or two. (Greg grounds regularly now, too.)

You can also ground on...


or while...

gardening. (Yes, I even help Greg some in the garden now. It's a win-win situation for both of us!)

You can engage in different activities like-

taking pictures while grounding.

Want some proof of what grounding can do?

In the photo above, the flowers in the foreground are planted in the earth, and they are vibrant and full of beautiful blooms. However, the flowers in the background are planted in a plastic container and are not touching the ground. They are not doing as well as the ones in the foreground.

More proof of the importance of grounding- Grounding is supposed to heal inflammation which is something many of us have. I have an inflammatory autoimmune condition for which I have had to take a medicine with many side effects for a couple of years. Since I've been grounding, however. my inflammation levels have come down, so much so that I should be off of my medicine soon! Also, I'm now sleeping a lot better now!

All of this grounding in the grass, etc. in the summer is pretty simple, but what about grounding during the other seasons? Are you sensitive to EMF's? How do you shield from harmful EMF's? How do you safely keep bugs away while grounding?

For answers to these questions, and to learn a lot more, check out Dr. Laura Koniver's website, and get her book, "The Earth Prescription." Bet you'll be glad you did!

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Pet feature:

For indoor grounding, we bought a grounding mat from Dr. Koniver's website.

Grounding mats are not just for people. Pets can use them, too. Indoor pets need indoor grounding since they don't get to touch the earth like outdoor ones do.

Mitzi loves the new grounding mat...

and so does Kallie!

You can actually feel the energy coming from this mat!

In my opinion, if everyone just grounded, the world and the people in it would be in a lot better shape!

Is grounding a missing secret?

*Disclaimer: Just because Greg and I have had good results with grounding doesn't mean it will necessarily work for or be right for everyone.

Special note: Happy birthday to my brother, Nick, on September 6!

Positive thought: "Radiate positivity!" (From a car sticker) You might even attract more positive things into your life as you send out the positive vibes you feel from being grounded!

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, October 3, 2021, Becky