Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas-It's the Most Wonderful (and Busiest!) Time of the Year

A friend recently emailed me to apologize that she had not responded to my email sooner, but that she'd been really busy. I told her not to worry, that nearly everyone this time of year was busier than usual.

That's why I'm late with this monthly blog post-busier than usual.

We have shopping to do-

This shop is in Fancy Gap, Virginia. (I'll have more about Fancy Gap in another blog post.)

There's decorating to do-


and outside.

There are parties to attend.

There are also Christmas cards to send, gifts to wrap, and food to prepare.

And, personally, for Greg and me...

we've been working on our semi-fixer-upper old house.

And, I've had coal jewelry orders to fill.

But through all of the busyness of this wonderful time of year, I like to look at the positive aspects of Christmas-to count our many blessings, to connect with family and friends, to enjoy the pretty decorations, beautiful music, varied entertainment, and delicious food of the season...and to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Our heartfelt wish for you...

And, a very happy New Year!

(Thanks to Betty and Mike for letting me take pictures of their beautiful house and yard.)

Positive thought: From Skyler at SmartStyle

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