Sunday, June 4, 2017

Old School Cafe, Spring Hill, Tennessee


On this blog post, I'd like to let you know about a very unique restaurant in Spring Hill, Tennessee...

The Old School Cafe is in an old school building that is no longer a school, but, instead, it houses several different types of businesses as well as the cafe.

The interior of the cafe is charming, full of atmosphere.


Lesson for today-

By the way, the food is good, and reasonably priced!

School food was never like this!

Have to leave room for dessert...

because they each got an A+!

So, if you're looking for something a bit different, head back to school at the Old School Cafe in Spring Hill, Tennessee for a bit of nostalgia, and a really good meal!

Your table is waiting!


Interesting facts about Old School Cafe:
-It has been both a grade school and a high school.
-It was built in 1927.
-The last graduating class was in 1992.
-It was opened as a restaurant by Bill and Maude Corbett in 2002.
-Maude and a friend decorated the interior.
-People still bring in pieces of school memorabilia occasionally to add to the collection.
-It is open for both breakfast and lunch.

Old School Cafe
1220 School Street
Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174
(931) 486-2745

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