Sunday, June 12, 2022

An Awesome Day!


"What is so rare as a day in June?" This is a quote from the talented American poet, James Russell Lowell. I often think of this quote when June arrives. June has always been my favorite month because of the nice weather and the beautiful trees and flowering plants. June makes me feel like "God's in His Heaven - All's right with the world!"-Robert Browning

It's also a wonderful time to travel! Greg and I like to go on day trips, places that are not too far from our home, but that are fun, entertaining, and educational. Just last week, we went on such a trip, to a really neat place, historic Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan, Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is a restaurant and a gift shop at the mill, and that's where we went first to have lunch.

We really enjoyed the country-style food-

 So good! 

The corn bread is made from the corn that is ground there at the mill.

After lunch, we enjoyed looking around the gift shop which features Virginia crafts and food and all kinds of souvenirs of the mill and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I bought a pretty magnet with a picture of Mabry Mill.

I also took several of my own pictures-

Here's one photo of Greg with the mill in the distance. (This place is a photographer's dream!)
We got to tour the mill and some other buildings, too, which showed rural life in Appalachia.

To sum it all up, I'd have to say that this was an awesome trip on an absolutely awesome day!


Here is a picture of my talented father-*

that I'm honoring for Father's Day.

Father's Day is next Sunday, June 19, 2022. Happy Father's Day to all fathers everywhere!

* My grandmother was also an artist, and when I was growing up, she did a painting of Mabry Mill which is how I became interested in visiting the mill.

Positive Thought: "Today is going to be awesome!"-Unknown (I have this quote hanging up at home, and I look at it every morning. This helps me to start the day in a more positive frame of mind.)

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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Go with the Flow, Etc.


So many times we try to make things happen, to do it our way, to force things to be the way we think they should be.

The truth is, there may be one or more possibilities out there that are better than anything we could ever imagine.

For example, the first few years of our marriage, Greg and I lived in rented apartments. We wanted a house of our own, but we didn't know if that would even be possible anytime soon.

Then, one day, when Greg and I were traveling, we took a wrong turn and went down a street where we'd never been before. Not far down that road, we saw a house that we really liked. It was a Cape Cod in a rather run-down condition, but we decided that with some work, it could become the house of our dreams.


We were, however, concerned that we couldn't afford it, but after some creative financing, the pretty diamond-in-the-rough, fixer-upper house became ours. 


We really enjoyed fixing it up and having it the way we wanted it to be. We lived there happily for several years.*

We sold that house, and we bought two other houses to renovate. We sold those, and we're currently living in an old (1901) house that we're also renovating.

That "wrong turn" that we took those many years ago turned out to be a right turn for us! 

One day, I went shopping for a package of ink pens, but when I looked for them, I couldn't find the ones I'd been using. I even went to several stores, looking for that particular brand of pen. When I still couldn't locate the pens, I finally resigned myself to buy another brand.

When I got home, I tried out one of the new pens, and to my great surprise, it was actually better than the type that I'd been using for years! The new one was smooth and didn't skip at all. I couldn't believe that I'd become so attached to the old pens, that in reality, they weren't doing a very good job!

Also, just recently, I lost a small, natural stone that I was wearing as a pendant. I wore it a lot, and I miss it, but I feel confident that I'll find another one just as nice, if not better than that one.

Rather than trying to make things happen, just go with flow,** and notice how much smoother everything goes. We just need to have a positive attitude, to do the best we can, and to know with God's help that everything will turn out for the best.

Also, at the same time, I think we need to keep in mind that it's good to have nice things in our lives, but instead of counting on material things to keep us happy, it's far more important to cultivate good qualities in ourselves, like kindness, compassion, love (for ourselves, as well as others), (and being positive!), etc. So, "things" should just be sidelines.

Something kind we can do is to support small business, especially right now.

When Greg and I can't find things we need from small businesses locally or from small businesses when we're traveling, we seek out small businesses online, like the ones on eBay and Etsy, which are reputable companies. You can find some nice things for reasonable prices from good online vendors.

After buying something from these online sellers, it can make us feel good to get something we needed and wanted and at the same time, to know that we've helped someone else.

Many of these vendors are so appreciative that they send little hand-written notes that say something like, "Thank you for supporting my small business," "Thank you! xoxo, Karen," and also-

One person even sent me "Bible" passages, and offered to pray for anyone who needed prayers.

We are all one, and we need to love and support each other now, as never before.

Memorial Day-In Honor of Our Heroes

*Although we loved our pretty house, we gradually found out that it was actually haunted! For more information, please see my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," in which I describe in words and pictures our encounters with the supernatural, there, as well as other places. Just click the widget above which will take you to my book which is on Amazon Kindle. Also, you might enjoy my memoir, "Down Memory Lane." For more information, and to buy this memoir which is in both paperback and Kindle, please see the widget above.

**This flow doesn't just pertain to things, it also can include people, careers, as well as infinite other possibilities for one's life. (For example, I just happened to be on an outing one day when I ran into a man who told me about a job opening, and because of that chance meeting, I ended up getting my first teaching job!)

Positive thought: "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." -Unknown

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

We Are Powerful!


We can affect our environment for good or for bad because we are more powerful than we realize.

Not long ago, one night around midnight, Greg said that he noticed a vehicle across the street from where we live, acting strangely. The vehicle's horn blew off and on for about a minute, and its lights went off and on at the same time. And the really strange thing is that no one was near there at that time.

Something similar like that happened to our own car about four years ago. It was also late at night.

The only explanation Greg could come up with was that four years ago, and also, just recently, he had gotten acupuncture treatments for his back. Apparently, the needles had caused an energy release which affected the electrical systems of the nearby vehicles. That's pretty powerful energy!

Also, to further show how we can affect things around us, Greg told me that he had heard about a woman who had moved many miles away from the house in which she had lived, and that somehow during the move, her beloved cat had accidentally gotten left behind. She missed her cat so much that she started praying about it daily, while she looked at its picture.

Miraculously, some days later, her cat showed up at her new house! This just illustrates again how powerful our minds, our energy fields really are!

This power can be used for good or for bad. It can be positive or negative. (If we are deliberately using our power for the bad, we are building up some very bad karma for ourselves!)

Instead of  dwelling on what is, we need to focus on a positive outcome. Just imagine how wonderful it would be, to transform our lives, one positive thought at a time!

If we'd just start imagining the Earth as a place of love, peace, and harmony, our powerful thoughts could positively transform our world and the people in it. Sounds like a plan!

Small Business Feature-

Papa Taso's Diner 

Our usual restaurant in Wytheville, Virginia was closed for renovation, so we talked with several people, including those at the welcome center, and we decided to try the recommended Papa Taso's Diner for lunch, and we weren't disappointed. It's a Greek restaurant with seafood and more. It's in an old building that used to be a service station. Check it out online for yourself!

This was what I had for lunch at Papa Taso's. Yum!

Positive Thought: "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity." -Anonymous
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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Positively Frightening Experiences


Twice, during the past few months, we have had two very rare (thankfully!) frightening experiences!

During the first incident, which was on a cold night in January, two men from the sheriff's department came to our door. One of the men said that while in pursuit of a fugitive, they had to drive across our property, and they hoped that they hadn't damaged our yard. (We discovered later that they hadn't done any damage since the ground was so frozen.)

He went on to say that they had gotten one fugitive, but they were still looking for another one. He told us not to worry, though, since the escapee was more like a jack rabbit than a lion. (That was good to know!)

Thankfully, that incident turned out great since they did eventually catch the other man.

Then, more recently, another night, we heard several police sirens on the main road that goes in front of our house. About the same time, we suddenly saw a helicopter hovering overhead with its search lights flashing around our property, as well as our neighbor's. We wondered what on earth was going on! All of that was quite unnerving.

However, one thing that made us feel much better, more secure, was that a police car was parked in our neighbor's large driveway.

Finally, a couple of hours later, another police car, with lights flashing and sirens going, zoomed past our house toward another town. Then, the helicopter which had been hovering over and near our house, and the police car stationed next door, both left. Apparently, thankfully, it was all over.

Later, our neighbor told us that he had gotten footage on his surveillance camera of a couple in his garden. He later learned that they had stolen a vehicle which they had abandoned when the police had started pursuing them.

Because of the good work of the police, the couple was captured. 

Thankfully, our frightening experiences turned out positively!

We really appreciate those brave, heroic men and women who are protecting us citizens from harm. Thanks so much for your service!

Small Business Feature-

We love going to the Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, Virginia. They have a variety of baked goods, ice cream, and drinks. 

Blackbird Bakery Goodies

Also, just a short distance away, on another street, is their Blackbird on the Fly which is a drive-thru restaurant.


Great Mother's Day gift idea: a gift certificate for Blackbird Bakery!

Mother's Day this year is Sunday, May 8.

Honoring My Beautiful Mother, Jean

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere.

Be sure and check out my latest book, "Down Memory Lane" on Amazon. To order, just click on the widget above. Thank you!

Positive Thought: "My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place-police, firefighters and members of our armed forces."- Sidney Shelton

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, May 15, 2022, Becky

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Messages for Every Day


"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." -Psalm 118:24 KJV

Easter is one of the holiest, most important days of the year to those of us who are Christians. This is the day that Jesus arose from the dead which is, of course, a miracle.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."-John 3:16 KJV

"If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there." -Clarence W. Hall

Christianity teaches kindness and love for all of creation.

When I was a child, in Sunday school, I remember singing these words of the children's hymn: "Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children, God is love, God is love."

Jesus was the messenger, spreading God's important message of love to the world. He said, "Love one another, as I have loved you." -John 13:34 KJV

So, the main message of Easter is love.

"Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion." -David Icke

Other thoughts about Easter:

"Easter spells out the rare beauty of new life." -S. D. Gordon 

"'Twas Easter Sunday. The full-blossomed trees filled the air with fragrance and with joy." -Henry W. Longfellow

Becky Arnott Photography

Small Business Feature-

Versatile Creations

Today, I'm featuring a really neat beauty shop, Versatile Creations, which is near the town of Glade Spring, Virginia. Most of the people in this area are friendly and down-to-earth. The owner of this shop, Tammy, is no exception. She is pleasant and easy-going. And, she cuts hair really well with seemingly no effort. What's more, her prices are very reasonable.

Also, she has a ton of flea-market-type items for sale for only 50 cents each! What's more, the last time we were there, Greg got to sit in her massage chair to help his aching back. A visit to her shop is really more like an adventure! So, if you need a hair cut, etc. just check out this unique little shop. Bet you'll be glad you did!

Positive thought:

Becky Arnott Photography

This beautiful (50-cent!) ceramic plaque is one of the flea-market items from Versatile Creations which we now display in our kitchen for inspiration.

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, May 1, 2022, Becky

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

First Mini Blog Post!- "Heroes"


This is my first-ever mini blog post. I decided to make some changes. I wanted to write more often, but I really don't have the time to write a full-length post more than once a month, so I thought that a shorter, mini blog post would be the way to go.

I will be writing a mini post every other week. This is my first mini post, but from now on, I'll be posting on Sundays. Please look for my next post on April 17 which is Easter Sunday. The post after that one will be on Sunday, May 1, and so on.

Today's post is about heroes. I got the idea for this post while Greg and I were watching the old 50's television show, "Superman," starring George Reeves. Superman stood for ""Truth, justice, and the American way."

 We really love that show because it has morals. Good always overcomes evil in the show, which is the way it should be in real life. Almost all of the old shows were like that. (We hardly ever watch any of the new shows since they don't, as a rule, support our values.)

Superman was definitely a hero. So, then, what is a hero?

Here are some thoughts about heroes:

"I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people." -Maya Angelou

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." -Christopher Reeve

"Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary." -Gerard Way

"I believe a hero is a person who is unafraid to stand up for what is right." -Greg Arnott

A hero might be a person who tries to help and even encourage others.

What is your definition of a hero?

Small Business Feature: Buddy's bar-b-q


Buddy's bar-b-q is a chain of restaurants in East Tennessee. Besides barbeque, they also have sides, including hush puppies (one of my favorites!), dessert, as well as other delicious items. They even offer Easter meals which you need to order by 4/12/22 this year.

A Carry-out Meal from Buddy's (Which Is Consistently Good!)


We always try to support small business, and any business that has our values both in the brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online stores.

Positive Thought: "...when you feel like hope is gone, Look inside you and be strong, And you'll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you." -Mariah Carey
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, April 17, 2022, Becky 


Monday, March 7, 2022

New Beginnings!


Living a positive life in today's world may be a challenge, but it can be done. We only need to change ourselves for the better, and then, miraculously, everything else will change for the better.

Spring is a perfect time to start anew, new beginnings for ourselves, for others, and for the world.

"Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over."-Guy Finley

First of all, we need to get into the right mindset. To do this, we need to make time for ourselves and do what makes us feel better.* 

This might include, but is not limited to, meditation (This is what I need to do more of every day. I'm working on it!), praying, listening to uplifting music (I love the video of Louis Armstrong, beautifully singing "What a Wonderful World."), exercise (so many things from which to choose-walking, dancing, bike riding, etc.), reading, traveling, just being in nature, watching a comedy show ("Laughter is the best medicine."), etc.

 Also, Greg and I eat healthy, organic food most of the time. We drink filtered water throughout the day. We like to get fresh air and some sunshine as often as possible. Also, we try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Something I've finally learned to do is to slow down and take periodic rest breaks throughout my busy days. 

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."- Jim Rohn

Is there something you would really love to do, but you never took the time to do it? This is a great question to ask ourselves. What is your heart's desire? If you had all of the time and money in the world, what would you do? Is it a place you'd like to visit or an activity you'd like to do? What is it? 

"Live your dream and take risks. Life is happening now."-Paulo Coelho

No man is an island. We need to be around, to hang out with positive people, and to confide in someone we can trust.

We need to make a difference, like writing emails, calling people, going to meetings, etc. if we see changes that need to be made in our world.

Just a few days ago, a sweet-looking Amish woman came up to me while I was shopping in a store, and she handed me an inspirational CD. She said she wanted me to have it. I thought that that was such a nice thing for her to do.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I visualize our world with a golden-white light all around it, and I think, "Light overcomes the darkness." (This idea is from I like to believe that this exercise is somehow making our planet a better place in which to live.

Small Business Feature: 

Giardino's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Giardino's is an authentic Italian restaurant in the small town of Glade Spring in Southwest Virginia which offers delivery and pickup. The menu is large and the food is delicious!

Here is a sample of the wonderful food you can get from Giardino's-

Pizza, anyone? Yum!

And for dessert, Greg occasionally gets their wonderful chocolate cheesecake!


Happy spring!

"Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be." -"Good Housekeeping"

Positive thought: "Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer."-Anita Krizzan
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*Disclaimer: Everything I mention doing in this blog post is up to the reader. My suggestions are merely my thoughts and opinions. I'm not responsible for anything that anyone decides to do as a result of reading this or any of my other posts. Thank you, Becky Arnott 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Celebrate Life!


February is a really busy month for us. Besides Valentine's Day, this is also my birthday month. Another busy month for us is August since it's when we celebrate Greg's birthday and our wedding anniversary.

For my birthday this year, we invited the part of our family that lives nearby to our house for a meal. The party wasn't just for me, but it was also for my cousin whose birthday is also in February. To make the get-together more fun, we called the celebration a "Winterfest Birthday Celebration." We got the idea of  "Winterfest" from the celebration in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that lasts from mid-November to mid-February every year. Having something like this helps to counteract the starkness of this time of the year.

"Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated." ~Osho (In short, celebrate life!)

We decorated our house with a wintery...

Christmassy theme.

We had a pizza meal ready for everyone to enjoy.

The three guys patiently waited to get their food...

while the ladies filled up their plates. (Ladies first!)

Dessert was a festive birthday cake, along with ice cream.

Then, it was time to open birthday gifts-

My gift was wrapped in paper with a cute snowman design.

My cousin seemed to like his birthday gifts.

Our outdoor cat, Kit-Cat, kept everybody entertained.

It was time for everyone to leave, but we made plans for future times to be together.

Greg and I celebrated Valentine's Day with little gifts to each other.

A couple of days later, we went to Rogersville, Tennessee to celebrate my birthday some more.

(We don't celebrate our birthdays just one day. We stretch it out few several days! The more, the better!)

The reason I wanted to go to Rogersville was to go to the Hale Springs Inn...

to have lunch at...

the Sweet Tooth Cafe which is located inside the inn.

The food there is delicious! Each dish is named after either a local person or place. I had "The American Hotel Bacon Melt,' along with a "Simpson House Strawberry Salad."

Our terrific waitress, Jalyn, pleasantly surprised me when she said that since I was celebrating my birthday that I got my choice of a free dessert even though it wasn't the exact day of my birthday. I ordered the salted caramel cheesecake which was absolutely delicious! I told the owner, Jo, that it was one of the best desserts I'd ever had, which was the truth! I shared part of my dessert with Greg and he liked it although he usually doesn't like caramel.

After our wonderful lunch, we looked around downtown Rogersville which has some nice little shops-

We enjoyed this pretty shop which has a message on a sign outside that we think is really important for all of us to follow-"It's a beautiful day to shop local."

The next day, we met part of Greg's family for lunch at Freiberg's German Restaurant in Johnson City, Tennessee since they were in our area on personal business.

Greg, Outside of Freiberg's with One of  His Brothers

The food is great! I had schnitzel which was something new to me.

Enjoying Being Together

Afterwards, since we were in a celebratory mood, we went to Bass Pro Shops in Bristol, Tennessee since we've never been to that one before. Greg and I are not into sports at all, but Greg wanted to go check out their coffee, and I was interested in seeing the beautiful wildlife displays and scenes that they have.

Bass Pro Shops

For our final stop in our several-days birthday/Valentine's Day celebration, we decided to go by the...

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, Virginia to get a couple of goodies which we enjoyed at home with warm drinks where we rested and made plans for our next adventures. (No more sweets for a while, though!)

"Every day of your life is a special occasion." ~Thomas S. Monson

Positive thought: "A good life is a collection of happy moments." ~Denis Waitley
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, March 6, 2022, Becky