Sunday, January 3, 2021

Small Town Charm

Greg and I live outside a small town in Virginia, and we are surrounded by small towns, and that's the way we like it! Small towns have a certain charm, each one is a little different; there are no carbon copies!

One of our favorite towns that we discovered just last year is Saltville, Virginia. It's just 20 minutes from our house.

The Salt Trail connects our town to Saltville.

 Walking on the trail is fun.

You can meet all kinds of interesting people there,

like talented artist, Nancy.

While you could walk to Saltville, driving is, of course, much faster, which is what we did! 

We were impressed by the neat way this old train was displayed.

We were also impressed by the Saltville Emporium-

They have different people's items for sale here at very reasonable prices. Some of the things are very unique,

like this bench that we bought for only $45.00! 

We're still gradually fixing up our old house and buying a few things that we need at bargain prices. We love the Saltville Emporium. We're planning to go back there soon since they're getting in new things all of the time.

Another place that we really like in Saltville is...

The Lily Pad which is a cafe with sandwiches, desserts, etc.

Great stuff! Yum!

Besides Saltville, there's another small town, Meadowview, where Greg gets our taxes done.

Old Train Depot in Meadowview

Earlier, I mentioned about getting a bargain. Not too long ago, we went to the Country Barn Flea Market and Antique Mall in Hansonville, where I found this beautiful bracelet which was partially handmade for a very reasonable price-

Love the colors!

On the way to Hansonville, we went through Glendale for the first time. Glendale was where my grandfather used to live when he was a boy. His old homeplace is long gone, but my grandmother painted a pretty picture of it from an old photograph.

We're lucky to have that painting hanging in our home.

We do love small towns with their unique charm. Each is special in its own way. 

We decided that in the new year we'd visit more of these towns. Next on our list is Damascus which has The Old Mill Restaurant which we visited many years ago not long after we got married. It must still be pretty good since it's lasted so long!

Positive thought: "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet." Anne Frank
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, February 7, 2021, Becky