Wednesday, July 8, 2020

How Can We Make a Difference?

Many people are wondering what we might do to help with the situation that we all find ourselves in right now in this country. How can we make a difference?

Something that Greg and I are trying to do is to support small business all that we can, especially locally since many are struggling right now.

(Food for thought: Why were the big chain stores considered essential, and allowed to open when most of the small businesses were not?)

Small businesses might include restaurants. The following four restaurants are in Abingdon, Virginia:

Greeko's Grill & Cafe, Serves Authentic Greek Food, Inside or Out

Bella's Has Delicious Italian-Style Food

Pal's is a real success story. The first Pal's opened in Kingsport, Tennessee in the 1950's, and now there are 29 Pal's in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Their architecture is unique, and they always have a daily message on their signs. A large American flag flies over each Pal's. One of their menu items is Frenchie fries.

North Carolina is not that far from where we live, so we go there occasionally. This restaurant had just reopened the day we were there. They remodeled while they were shut down.

Besides restaurants, there are other types of small businesses:

This garden shop also has food items for sale. It would be a great place to buy Christmas gifts.

We found a pretty old Victorian-style floor lamp here in Abingdon for a bargain price.

I got three items here in Hansonville, Virginia for only $11.00, totally! Many small businesses operate in this antique mall.

This is one of the three items I bought, and it was handmade!

If it's vitamins and herbs you need, this is the place!

The woman who owns this sewing shop did a nice job making us a couple of valances out of some old fabric that we already had.

Statuary, anyone? Here's a nice piece at "11-W Concrete &Statuary" in Blountville, Tennessee.

Besides shopping at small businesses, we listen to talk radio to find out what's really going on, and then we share our newfound knowledge with others. Another good resource is .

We also work to get rid of ineffective political leaders via recall elections, and we actively work to help the good guys win political office.

Positive Thought: "When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars."-Author Unknown
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, August 2, 2020, Becky