Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fantastic Tennessee Parks


"And the adventure begins..."

Especially during this time of year, Greg and I love going to some of the fantastic parks right here in Tennessee.

There are so many interesting places to explore in our Tennessee parks-

and fun things to do-


swimming, boating, hiking, etc.

Some parks have restaurants-

with delicious food! Yum!

Some have bridges with water features.

All have gorgeous scenery-

and wildlife-

Recently, Greg and I, along with several of our family members, enjoyed visiting a pretty park in Knoxville-

"We are living our adventure."

Also, we're planning to return to a park which we visited several years ago, Fall Creek Falls, during the next few weeks. It's one of the best parks in Tennessee with its beautiful waterfalls.                                                                                                                                                      
Tennessee State Parks is celebrating 80 years this year so for this reason the parks are being featured in several publications, including the current issue of the AAA magazine, "AAA Living."

A great site to check out not only for Tennessee and its parks, but for any state that you'd like to visit is This is our favorite go-to website to look up places that we might like to visit. (Thank you, Lynn, for telling us about this wonderful website!)

Later this month, we'll be traveling outside of Tennessee to visit a park in another state, Kentucky, which I might feature in an upcoming blog post.

Have a happy, safe Fourth of July!

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Positive thought: "In nature one receives far more than he seeks."-John Muir
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, August 6, 2017, Becky