Sunday, November 5, 2017

Celebrating Fall, Tennessee Style

Fall is a wonderful time of the year, especially in Tennessee, with the vibrant colors, the cool crisp air which calls for warm, rich foods and drinks, festivals, and other types of celebrations.

Greg and I have taken time from our busy schedules to thoroughly enjoy this time of  year.

We have visited several places this fall, both far and near.

First of all, Greg and I met some special members of our family to enjoy "Bush's Visitor Center" in the Smoky Mountains in Dandridge, Tennessee.

Everything was dressed up in its fall finery.

We visited the General Store, Museum, and the Cafe.

Bush's Family Cafe

Our helpful, personable waitress Sharon (not pictured) was great. She made our visit there more enjoyable.

The food in the Cafe was simply delish!

There had to be beans on the menu, of course!

And, we just had to try the pinto bean pie! Yum!

In Spring Hill, Tennessee, Greg and I went to "Vintage 615" ("trendy clothes, gifts, furniture, & decor") for the "Fall Photo Party & Anniversary Sale" where we had our picture taken with a vintage truck which was decorated with pumpkins and bales of hay. 

We really enjoyed the free refreshments.

And, I found a pretty bracelet at a reasonable price which I absolutely love!

Next, we traveled to Waverly, Tennessee to a small but terrific restaurant with a big menu, "Hole in the Wall Diner," where they make "Homemade Donuts & Buns Every Day."

Does this look good or what! It was! They even serve fried cheese!

Greg and I just happened upon "Pumpkinfest" in Franklin, Tennessee, and we're glad we did! It was so much fun!

There were pumpkins galore,

and a pumpkin carver-

There was delicious food, even gourmet Greek-

There were great arts and crafts-

Check it out!  A lovely little handmade bookmark and much more!

The pumpkin festival was well-attended. Many people even brought their dogs.

A darling little sweetheart!

After "Pumpkinfest," we went to a new coffee shop in Spring Hill, "The Fainting Goat Coffee."

It is a very popular place, and it's almost always crowded inside and out although it's not evident in this photo. Right after I took this picture, the outside tables filled up even though the temperature was in the 50's!

We really enjoyed the coffee and the bakery items which were perfect on a cool autumn day!

And, speaking of food, what about a pumpkin pie for this time of year, especially for the perfect ending for your Thanksgiving meal!

This luscious-looking pumpkin pie is from "Pie Sensations" in Columbia, Tennessee.

Fall Decorations Outside "Puckett's Downtown Columbia"

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Positive thought: "Eat, drink, and be thankful!" (from a plaque)
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, December 10, 2017, Becky