Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snapshots of Time


No two moments are exactly the same.  Capture the moment...

(First, I'd like to send my heartfelt thanks to all of you for visiting this blog, whether from the United States or abroad.  I especially appreciate my Followers and those who have made such nice comments (which I've posted) via e-mail.  People like you make writing this blog a real joy.)

Today, I'd like to share with you a few of the special times in our lives through the magic of pictures that Greg and I, as well as others, have taken.

Happy times with others...

Girls just want to have fun!

And, guys just want to have fun!

Special occasions...

                                                     95 Years, and Counting!

Momentous Occasions...

Great Photo Taken by Cousin Bruce Which was Later Turned into a Beautiful Painting by Mother, Jean

                                             25 Years Together, and Counting!

Artistic moments...

                               Artist, Father Bill Botts and Subject, Mother Jean Botts

                                                            An Art Outing

Other special moments...

Several years later...

Positive thought: Every moment is special.  Life is a precious gift to be enjoyed every single day.

Thanks again for visiting!  Until next time (Sunday, February 5), Becky

Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Without TV !


Recently, Greg and I finally pulled the plug on our TV!  We'd been discussing this issue for several weeks and decided that the time was right to see how we'd like living without TV.  It was a big decision because, for us, like for most people, TV was, unfortunately, a larger part of our lives than we'd like to admit.  We have only a certain number of hours in the day, so why not spend them in ways other than being controlled by what the media dishes out for us to see, hear, feel, and think?  We feel that much of television programming has hit a new low with many forms of negativity bombarding us anywhere from sitcoms to the nightly news.  Keeping TV for the few shows that we liked just wasn't worth it for us.

So, how have we survived the past several weeks without TV?  After the first few days of withdrawl from our addiction, it's been wonderful, because we feel like we are much more in control of our viewing experiences.  Now, we just watch DVD's or videos of our choice or view some shows on the Internet whenever we have the time or inclination.

Now, we are free to do many other things we really didn't have that much time for in the past, like:


                                         Listening to Talk Shows and Music on the Radio

Helping others, like talking to a shut-in on the phone

                                                        Pursuing a Hobby

                                                  Catching up on Projects

                                  Going Out and Having More Life-Enriching Experiences

Although this lifestyle change is perhaps not for everyone, this no-TV decision has already helped us live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Technology, in its many forms, can be great, as long as we, and not the technology are in control.

                                                          Featured Photo

                                                     Spectacular Winter Sky

Positive thought: Make the most of every day.
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time (Sunday, January 29), Becky

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Southern Appalachian Mountain Sayings


One day, I started thinking about all of the truisms that I have heard my whole life around the area in which I live.  I decided that many of us would have a hard time expressing ourselves if it weren't for these old sayings.  Most of these have at least an element of truth in them.

Greg and I would like to share with you a few of our favorite sayings on this blog post today.

Some of the sayings refer to food:
"Cold as kraut"
"Cool as a cucumber"
"Spilling the beans"

                                                       "Slow as Molasses"
                                       (A variation of this is "slow as Christmas")

                                                     "Like Two Peas in a Pod"

Several refer to objects:
"Saved by the bell"
"Clean as a whistle"
"Good as gold"
"Cute as a button"

                                                        "Pretty as a Picture"
                                        Painting by Artist Fan H. (Mema) Botts

Some involve water:
"I took the plunge."
"He went off the deep end."
"Up the creek without a paddle"

Many are about living creatures:
"Strong as an ox"
"Mad as a wet hen"
"Mean as a stri-ped snake"
"A pig in a poke"
"In hog heaven"
"Getting someone's goat"
"Poor as a church mouse"

                                                   "Crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg"

"Jumpy as a cat in a room full of rockers"
"Cat got your tongue?"
(Jack Hale asks June Tolliver this question in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine outdoor drama in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  Please see my July 31, 2011 blog post for more details about the drama.)

Some are contradictory:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
"Out of sight, out of mind"

Some are positive:
"She's as honest as the day is long."
"He's the salt of the earth."

Some don't "pull any punches":
"Ugly as a mud fence"
"Fat as a pig"
"Old as the hills"
"My nose is runnin' like a sugar tree."
"Two bricks shy of a load"
(Jed Clampett says this about someone on one of the episodes of the popular old TV series, "The Beverly Hillbillies.")

Some are "head-scratchers".  In other words, they are about as "clear as mud."
"Dead as a doornail"
"Flat as a flitter"

                        I've heard this one many times, especially when I was growing up:
                         "I'll be there, if the Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise."

How well do you know these Southern Appalachian sayings?
1. Stubborn as a _____
2. Skinny as a _____
3. Light as a _____
4. Rough as a _____
5. Scarce as hen's _____
(See answers below.)

There are, I've heard, around 200 Southern Appalachian Mountain sayings.  How many more of these can you think of?

A few days ago, while on a shopping trip, I felt as if I were spending too much time trying to find exactly what I wanted.  Suddenly, it was as if I heard my father say to me, "What's time to a hog?"  That fond remembrance made me smile, because I then realized that I was taking everything way too seriously.  I began to lighten up, and the rest of the day went smoothly. 

What have the people in your life said to you?  If the messages were negative, you can perhaps turn them around and start saying positive things to yourself and others.  Yes, you just might "turn over a new leaf", so that, hopefully, you can be "as happy as a lark."

Mini-Quiz Answers
1. mule
2. rail
3. feather
4. cob
5. teeth

                                                            Featured Photos

Recently, Greg and I met Greg's brother and his family for a wonderful supper at the famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Just click on the link below to see the latest photos Greg and I have on iStock:

Positive thought: Every cloud has a silver lining.
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time (Sunday, January 22), Becky

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Square Market & Cafe, Columbia, Tennessee


Recently, Greg and I visited a little eatery in Columbia, Tennessee, Square Market and Cafe.  It was highly recommended to me by a woman at the local tourist information center.  No wonder!  It's wonderful!

We were there on New Year's Eve, and the place was really crowded.  People always flock to the best places, of course.

The decor was very attractive, accented by flowers and the colorful paintings (which were on sale) of local artist Susan Jones.

Greg and I both ordered pasta dishes from the wide variety of salads, sandwiches, and desserts, etc.  Greg got the chicken Alfredo and I got the cheesy bake.  These dishes were both delicious.

                                                                 Cheesy Bake

                                                         Tempting Desserts!

                     The staff was friendly and helpful.  One even took this picture of us.

We plan on returning sometime soon.  A Saturday night with free live musical entertainment should be great fun.

It's just like their web site says, "Old world taste with hometown charm."

Square Market & Cafe
36 Public Square
Columbia, Tennessee
(931) 840-3636

        Kallie and Mitzi, napping on a well-worn sofa cover, fixed especially for them.

Update: So, how am I doing on keeping my adequate-sleep resolution?  Honestly, it's been a challenge, but all things considered, I'm doing much better than I ever imagined.  Greg's work schedule has greatly changed, so we're getting up much earlier now.  We've both always tended to be night owls, but we're learning to be early birds. 

Telling you my resolution has helped, because that makes me accountable to someone.  Also, it's been really helpful that I specified that I would turn in at a certain time every night and would get a certain number of hours of sleep.  Most nights I have met my goal.  Being specific is better than being general in making and keeping any resolutions.

Positive thought: Be firm, but kind to yourself.  Cut yourself some slack!
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time ( Sunday, January 15), Becky