Sunday, January 8, 2012

Square Market & Cafe, Columbia, Tennessee


Recently, Greg and I visited a little eatery in Columbia, Tennessee, Square Market and Cafe.  It was highly recommended to me by a woman at the local tourist information center.  No wonder!  It's wonderful!

We were there on New Year's Eve, and the place was really crowded.  People always flock to the best places, of course.

The decor was very attractive, accented by flowers and the colorful paintings (which were on sale) of local artist Susan Jones.

Greg and I both ordered pasta dishes from the wide variety of salads, sandwiches, and desserts, etc.  Greg got the chicken Alfredo and I got the cheesy bake.  These dishes were both delicious.

                                                                 Cheesy Bake

                                                         Tempting Desserts!

                     The staff was friendly and helpful.  One even took this picture of us.

We plan on returning sometime soon.  A Saturday night with free live musical entertainment should be great fun.

It's just like their web site says, "Old world taste with hometown charm."

Square Market & Cafe
36 Public Square
Columbia, Tennessee
(931) 840-3636

        Kallie and Mitzi, napping on a well-worn sofa cover, fixed especially for them.

Update: So, how am I doing on keeping my adequate-sleep resolution?  Honestly, it's been a challenge, but all things considered, I'm doing much better than I ever imagined.  Greg's work schedule has greatly changed, so we're getting up much earlier now.  We've both always tended to be night owls, but we're learning to be early birds. 

Telling you my resolution has helped, because that makes me accountable to someone.  Also, it's been really helpful that I specified that I would turn in at a certain time every night and would get a certain number of hours of sleep.  Most nights I have met my goal.  Being specific is better than being general in making and keeping any resolutions.

Positive thought: Be firm, but kind to yourself.  Cut yourself some slack!
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time ( Sunday, January 15), Becky

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