Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lorraine Brewer's Jubilee Gallery and Cafe Jubilee

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Today, I'm happy to tell you about a fantastic place you're sure to love.

It's a lovely 130-year-old farmhouse between Surgoinsville and Rogersville, Tennessee that belongs to well-known regional artist, Lorraine Brewer.  Inside this charming place is Jubilee Gallery which was established in 2,006 as an outlet for artists and craftsmen in the East Tennessee area to market their wares.  Presently over a dozen people have their arts and crafts featured in the gallery.  Most notably is the work of Lorraine Brewer herself whose lovely watercolors of local landmarks, scenery, and still lifes grace the walls.  Her work is very popular not only with individuals, but also with owners of many area inns, restaurants, etc. who use her art as part of their decor.

Besides Lorraine Brewer's paintings, some other arts and crafts in the galleryinclude pottery, jellies, Tennessee Amish furniture, stained glass, handmade linens, wood crafts, and crocheted items.  New merchandise arrives daily.

Jubilee Gallery is only one part of this picture.  The other, in another part of the house, is Cafe Jubilee which serves lunch and even supper one evening.  All of their food is homemade and cooked to order.  Carry-outs are encouraged.

The menu has a nice array of items from which to select. There are soups, "quiche du jour", "sensational sandwiches," salads, and decadent desserts, all of which are expertly prepared by a chef who previousy worked at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.  This is a menu with a sense of humor.  Some entries include, "Mom's Killer Meat Loaf," "Lizzie Borden," (which is a chopped salad) and "Burnin' Down the House" (which is blackened chicken breast).

My over-all impression of Jubilee Gallery and Cafe is this: It's unusual and creative both inside and outside.  Everything is well-planned and carried out.  It's chock-full of  artistic delights.  It's both homey and elegant.

The people there,  from Lorraine Brewer, who greets you at the door, to the ones working in the cafe, are friendly and helpful.

After eating a delicious meal, complete with a dessert, such as red velvet cake or peanut butter pie, etc. you just want to linger, taking it all in, with the pleasant chore of trying to decide what to buy for yourself, or for someone else.  This is a particularly nice place to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.  When my husband and I were there recently, we witnessed both an anniversary and a birthday being celebrated, complete with singing and the the ringing of cow bells which are on every table.

However, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to go there, because just being there makes any day special.

Lorraine Brewer's Jubilee Gallery (423)345-3301
Cafe Jubilee(423)345-0088
573 Carters Valley Loop
Rogersville, TN 37857
Thursday-Monday 11:00AM-3:00PM
Dinner on Friday evening until 8:00PM ( Gallery is also open)
Professional catering services upon request
"Dining on the Veranda" year round
Reservations suggested

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Blog Post

Hi! Welcome to my blog.  I'm Becky B. Arnott, and this is my first post on my new blog.  I was born and raised in Southwest Virginia, but now live in East Tennessee.  Both areas are part of the beautiful Appalachian Mountain range.  I have taught art and English, and am now a professional artist.  I also enjoy writing, and home redesigning.  I sing and act, as well.  In fact, I love all things art!  As a youth, I became  fascinated with art when my grandmother took up painting and encouraged me to do the same.  In fact, my parents and brother also got into the act.  We have all enjoyed doing various types of art as a hobby, and some of us have made it our profession. My husband Greg is even artistic!
"Webster's New Dictionary" defines "art" as the "creation of things of beauty."  Art doesn't have to refer to just paintings, literary works, etc.  It can be applied to virtually anything, of course, including the way we live our lives. With a little work, we can each transform ourselves from a lump of clay into a masterpiece, little by
little, step by step. We are all works in progress.

While I don't pretend to know all the answers, I have, during most of my life, searched for ways to make my time here on earth a little better, happier,and more positive. Therefore, in this blog, I'd like to share wth you some ideas that I have come across in my journey through life that might in some way help you in your life's journey. These ideas will include general tips, recipes, products, etc. that I have found beneficial. Also, I'd like to showcase our wonderful Appalachian Mountain area's very best restaurants, art shops, and other places of interest, as well as a few places outside our region.

For now, I'll have a new post each weekend where I'll discuss various subjects, and then, sometime in the future, on every Wednesday, I'll feature a restaurant of the week.

Next weekend (March 12-13) I'll let you know about an arty little shop that you might really enjoy.

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Positive thought : Life isn't just good, it's great!