Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riverfront Seafood Company

Riverfront Seafood Company is located on the beautiful Holston River in Kingsport, Tennessee near the Greenbelt which I wrote about earlier this week. (Please see my Sunday, April 24 blog post.)  The view of the river from the windows and wraparound porch is spectacular both day and night.

The decor is charmingly nautical, both inside and out, with everything from faux pirates to real tropical fish swimming in the aquarium.

The menu is a seafood lover's delight. (But, there are also many other items from which to choose besides seafood.)  Quoting from the web site (listed below), Riverfront Seafood  "provides the freshest and most varied seafood selection from all over the world."  The extensive menu includes gator meat with big orange sauce, farm-raised catfish, the Riverfront burger, grilled tilapia, pasta, veggies, Key lime pie, and carrot cake, to mention a few.  Please see the complete menu on the web site listed below.

Greg and I visit Riverfront Seafood Company often.  Our favorite seafood item has to be the delicious whitefish dinner which comes with a baked potato (or fries), cole slaw, and a whimsical fish-shaped piece of corn bread.
 Whenever Greg's brother and his wife, from out of state, join us for dinner, they usually take the seafood gumbo back home with them to enjoy later.

Several of Greg's and my family members have enjoyed memorable birthdays at Riverfront Seafood.  The staff, which is always helpful and accommodating, even allowed us to bring our own birthday cakes.

The owner of Riverfront Seafood Company is Wayne Michelli and family.  They also own another restaurant in Kingsport, Saltwater Willy's Bayou Cafe.

Carry out and call ahead seating are available.

Riverfront Seafood Company
1777 Netherland Inn Rd.
Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 245-fish (3474)

Open Monday-Saturday 11:00AM-9:00PM ; Closed Sundays


Positive thought: Looking for the positive in everything will help bring more positive into your life.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sights Along the Greenbelt

This week, since the weather is getting warmer, I just wanted to share with you the beauty and charm of one of our many local parks in Kingsport, Tennessee.  It's called the Greenbelt.  As it says on the Kingsport Parks and Recreation web site (listed below), "The Greenbelt is a linear park that connects residential neighborhoods, traditional parks, downtown commercial districts..."  It is a pathway for both pedestrians and bicycles.  To further quote the web site (This is a lovely description which says it all.), "the pathway meanders along gentle streams, wanders through marshlands, glides across open meadows, and passes by sites of historical and aesthetic value."  Hope you enjoy the following tour of the Greenbelt via the photographs that Greg and I recently took.

   For more detailed Greenbelt information, please see: http://www.kingsportparksandrecreation.org/ 

Happy Easter, Happy Spring

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Appalachian Spring

Welcome back!  Today, I'd like to share with you some of the beautiful sights of spring right here in
Kingsport, Tennessee, our home town.  Enjoy!

Becky's tid bit: We Appalachian natives pronounce "Appalachia" as in the words, "I'm gonna throw an apple at chuh."  In fact, my father had a theory that Appalachia probably got its name from someone saying that very (above) sentence.

Positive thought: Enjoy the beauty of nature this week.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Becky Arnott, Artist

As I mentioned earlier in my blog (Please see Profile and "First Blog Post," March 5, 2011, etc.) I enjoy doing several different types of art.

I sell prints of some of my paintings which were done using either pastel, acrylic, or mixed media.  Many of my subjects are Appalachian Mountain in theme.

Also, I do commissioned portraits of people and pets from photographs in either pastel or pencil.  Each portrait comes complete with a 16" x 20" mat.

In addition, I make jewelry, magnets, and paper weights, etc. out of genuine Appalachian Mountain coal.  My coal items are either plain, painted, or decoupaged with my own original designs.  I can also customize
the magnets and paper weights with any picture and/or lettering.

I first became interested in working with coal because it is an important part of the area where I grew up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  Also, coal is featured in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" outdoor drama in Big Stone Gap with which my family and I were involved for several years.

I have my art work for sale in their drama gift shop and in the adjacent June Tolliver House gift shop, as well as in other local shops.

F. Y. I.
My e-mail address, if you'd like to contact me, is: beckyarnottartist@gmail.com

Positive thought: Everyone is an artist.

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 Note: The right to copy, photograph, or reproduce this art work is reserved by the artist.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sweet Tooth Cafe, Restaurant of the Week

Welcome back!

I'm happy to announce that in addition to my regular blog post on Sundays, the first restaurant of the week blog post begins today.  Every Wednesday, I'll be writing about a different restaurant in our Appalachian Mountain region.  All the restaurants, cafes, tea rooms, etc. that are included in this blog have good food, are unique in some way, and are locally owned.

The Sweet Tooth Cafe in Rogersville (the second oldest town in Tennessee) certainly fits all the above criteria.

The menu has all sorts of wondrous delights including angel hair pasta, bbq chicken salad puff, spaghetti and meatballs, and club pannini, to mention a few.  And the desserts!  (Remember, this is The "Sweet Tooth" Cafe.)  There's the pumpkin roll ice cream sandwich, chocolate chip peanut butter pie, and creme puff hot fudge sundae, etc.  Yum!

Guess you can see why this cafe is a favorite of Greg's and mine, and why it seems to be a favorite of many others as well.  In fact, the last time we were there, a couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday at 1:00 PM, only a few tables were left when we arrived.  Jo Anderson, the owner and operator, acknowledged our arrival with a big smile as she scurried around, making sure everyone was being properly served.  Then, after she finished discussing a special dinner for several people with two ladies, she came over to our table.  She told us that the cafe is even busier in the summer at which time she enlists the aid of her daughters.  Also, in warm weather, they put tables and chairs out front for dining outside.

Fresh flowers grace the tables which are variously clothed in either lace or linen, etc.  The walls are brightened by the bold, colorful oil and acrylic florals of local artist Nathalie Wyss.  Also, I'm particularly fond of her unique mixed media on plywood leaf-design pictures.  The food is served on lovely antique-looking plates with varied designs.

Greg and I really enjoyed our meal.  I had one of the restaurant favorites, chicken salad puff, while Greg had the pulled bbq pork.  Both plates also contained a generous portion of homemade potato chips.  Greg finished his meal with the delectable apples a la mode which is apples in pastry served with ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel.

Give Jo a 24-hour notice for a whole specialty cake or pie like chocolate milkshake cake or coconut cream pie, etc., etc.

Carry outs are available.

Also, they cater.  In fact, The Sweet Tooth Cafe was voted "2010 best caterers" by "The Rogersville Review."

F.Y. I.
The Sweet Tooth Cafe
114 East Main Street
Rogersville, Tennessee 37857
Open M-F, 11-3; Closed Sat. & Sun.

Positive Thought:  Don't worry. Be happy!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Positive Ideas

Welcome back!

This week I'd like to share with you some ideas that have helped me live a more positive life.

First of all, every morning when I first awaken, I make a mental list of all of the things that I'm looking forward to, during the coming day.  Doing this simple exercise helps me start off on the right foot as it sets the tone for the whole day.

Then, at the end of the day, I write down all of the positive things that happened to me that day in my thankful journal.  It's amazing, because most of the time, I have far more good things that happened to me than I had imagined earlier that morning.  I guess looking for the positive attracts the positive.  Also, when I write in my thankful journal, I see how truly blessed I am. 

Two more ideas that have helped me are having pets and having hobbies.

For most of my life, I have had pets of some kind-either dogs, cats, or birds, etc.  Right now, my husband and I have two adorable cats ( Aren't they all! ) that we adopted from our local animal shelter.  ( I donate a percentage of all of my commissioned pet portraits to one of our local shelters, as animal shelters, everywhere, in general, need all the support they can get.)  Adopting or buying the right kind of pet can be beneficial and life-enriching in many ways for all types of families, from those with children to those who live alone.

                                                           Commissioned Pet Portrait

Another positive in my life is having several hobbies that I really enjoy because I can do them just for fun.  I throw away any pressure or perfectionism while engaging in hobbies.  I feel that they should be relaxing as well as engrossing.  Becoming better at a hobby is fine, but it shouldn't become a chore.

One of my very favorite hobbies is photography.  ( "Taking pictures" would be a better description of what I do for I am certainly no expert!  That's OK because that's not my goal ; I simply love what I do- documenting the events of my life.)  My camera is inexpensive and easy to use.  My husband and I have many photo albums we've collected throughout the years, as well as a growing collection of photos stored on our computer.  Looking at these photos helps us reminisce about days gone by, which is very uplifting.

There are beaucoups of hobbies out there. Which one to choose is strictly a matter of preference.  What about you?  Is there some hobby you've thought about starting, but never quite got around to doing?  Is there a hobby you had as a child, and might want to try again as an adult?  Have no idea for a hobby?  Ideas can come from books, magazines, on line, and from visiting your nearest hobby store.

                                              The Beautiful Appalachians of North Carolina

Please note: In addition to my weekly Sunday blog post, this Wednesday (April 6) I plan to start my weekly restaurant of the week blog post review.  Hope you can be here for that!

Positive thought: Accentuate the positive!

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