Sunday, September 25, 2022

Some Positive Thoughts and Ideas


A new season, colorful fall, is here, and on this post, we'll celebrate its arrival with a few autumn photos, and some positive thoughts and ideas, as well.

I recently heard on local radio about how very important laughter is to your overall well being. An easy way to get laughter into your daily life is to watch something funny on television or on the Internet. Animal videos are especially cute and funny. Personally, Greg and I enjoy our collection of old comedy shows that are on our DVD's.

Remember, "Laughter is the best medicine."- Originated from Proverbs 17:22, the "Bible"

Here are a some positive thoughts from others-

Matthew Ward says, among other words of wisdom, that for beneficial outcomes, have confidence and optimism.-

Julie Green, a modern-day prophet, helps "people stand against adversity when all hope seems lost and know they're not alone." She says that "each of us is special..."-

I'm looking forward to reading a book that I recently ordered, "The Modern Chakra Guide Book" by author Carol Tuttle. This book says that its information should make you "feel balanced and joyful-even with today's world swirling around you." I'm a big fan of Carol Tuttle, so I'm sure her book will be helpful and informative, and even fun!- https.//

Happy Fall Y'all!

Positive thought: "Positivity has more power than you think."- "Woman's World" magazine

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Kitchen at Grace Meadows Farm


A few weeks ago, Greg and I got to have an early supper at a really unique, wonderful restaurant, The Kitchen at Grace Meadows Farm in Jonesborough, Tennessee in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Greg, on His Way to the Restaurant

I really liked the country decor,

as well as the family-style, country cooking!

There's plenty of delicious food here,

including a scrumptious dessert of your choice. How about a hot fudge cake!

Greg was one of many satisfied customers.

People were so friendly there. A couple came by our table and asked us what food we got, and we all exchanged info about our food. Everyone we talked with or overheard remarked about the great food, and we decided we'd go back there again since it was such a wonderful experience.

Our waiter, Lane, was very informative and personable, and he suggested that we explore more of the farm before we left.

On our way out, we looked around the gift shop, and I found a unique, small gift to give to someone.

Outside, Greg enjoyed seeing this old farm truck.

I loved the grounds which included this beautiful old fountain with flowers. Grace Meadows Farm is also a wedding venue. I can see why!

After eating all of that delicious food and having a little stroll around the grounds, the rocking chairs and the swing looked very tempting!

One of the reviews about Grace Meadows Farm mentioned that the area scenery reminded the reviewer of a John Constable painting. I would have to agree with that!


A special tribute to my brother, Nick, who recently celebrated his birthday with family at his home.

United States Flag at Grace Meadows Farm

On this day (9/11) and every day, let's pray for our country and our world, and imagine golden white light overcoming any darkness.

Positive thought: "Stay positive. Better days are on their way."-Unknown

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Special Times with Family


August is a special time for Greg and me since it's the month for Greg's birthday and our wedding anniversary. 

We celebrated our special days together, and also with family.

Our anniversary came first, and relatives sent us anniversary emails and even...

pretty flowers with balloons.
Greg also gave me some...

 beautiful, unique anniversary flowers.

We went on a little anniversary trip to Fancy Gap, Virginia where we had a tasty lunch at-


Afterwards, we went to Poor Boys Variety Concrete Store (on in Cana, Virginia... 

where I got Greg a neat yard statue since he loves gardening and working outside in our yard.

A few days later, it was time to celebrate Greg's birthday. He received nice birthday cards, emails, and gifts. 

We had two very different celebrations. 

One part of our family came to our house...

for a birthday dinner...

complete with cake (and ice cream) for dessert.

The second celebration was at-

The Peppermill (FYI: www.the in Abingdon, Virginia with another part of our family.

Photo of the four of us taken by our wonderful waitress.

Loved the healthy salad!

We then went to our house for...

a birthday cake for Betty and Greg since Betty's birthday is close to Greg's.

We had our refreshments...

in our new gazebo. This was very special for Greg and me since this was the first time that we'd ever gotten to use it. 

We got our unfinished gazebo just a few weeks ago, and Greg and I painted it ourselves, but we're still not quite finished with it. The gazebo was something I'd been wishing for, for a long time. Getting the gazebo is solid evidence that with positive thinking (and a little elbow grease!) dreams can and do come true!

~"Time spent with family is time well spent." -Unknown

After my father passed away, I consulted an excellent psychic who told me that family was important to my father, that family meant everything to him, which comforted me because I had never realized how much he cherished our family.

Now, especially, it's so important to enjoy our time with family and friends, and to remember them, and also our loved ones who have passed away, in our prayers every day.

Special note: Starting in September, I'll be writing mini-blog posts for "The Art of Positive Living" on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Posts for my other blog, "Spirit Photographs," will still be published the third Saturday of each month. With this schedule, I hope to free up some time so I can work on books that I'm planning to publish sometime in the fall of this year. Also, please see the widgets above for information about my current books.

Positive thoughts: "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing." -Eva Burrows
"Family. Like branches on a tree our lives may grow in different directions, but our roots will stay as one." -Unknown
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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Positive and the Negative


Lately, I've come across quite a bit of information about the subject of positivity. Being positive is a good thing during this time in our history. I believe it's important for us not to fall into a negativity trap because that's actually not helpful.

Here are some positive and negative tidbits I'd like to share with you to help illustrate this-

Sometimes things happen that we think are bad, that are negative, but they are actually positive when you look for the good in any situation. 

For example, a man might have missed getting a certain job for which he had applied. However, shortly thereafter, he was hired for another job that was much better in every way! 

A romantic relationship might have ended, but, then, another person comes along that is much nicer, more caring, and respectful.

Everything happens for the best!

Recently, I noticed a "Special Edition" of "Time" magazine which has an intriguing title, "The Power of Positive Thinking why attitude matters." Good to see this type of publication; the more, the better!

Recently, a woman came up to me and said that she enjoyed reading my "The Art of Positive Living " blog. She also said that she had a personal story to share with me about being positive- She explained that one night she didn't get much sleep, and that she felt bad the next day. In fact, she said she was also in bad mood, so much so that she noticed that negative things started happening to her. She had gone out to shop that day, and she described a series of negative events that happened to her before she got back home.

Thankfully, once she was home, she finally realized that it was her negative attitude that had drawn the negative events to her. She then told me that whether a person is positive or negative makes a huge difference, that she's made a determined effort to be a positive thinker and feeler from now on!

I know a woman, who, although she is not a classic beauty, makes the most of  her assets, and dresses attractively. She is very kind, friendly, likable, and seems very happy. She has a nice life, plenty of friends, and she is married to a great guy. I believe her life is the way it is because of her positive attitude.

"Positivity has more power than you think."- "Woman's World" magazine (which is full of positivity!)

Not long ago, I was in a small shop in a small town when I overheard the shop owner tell another lady from another shop that she was barely hanging in there. My heart went out to her, and I wanted to support her, so I bought a wedding gift out of several possibilities that she suggested, not knowing if the gift I finally selected was the best choice for the couple or not. I finally decided just to go with the flow, and to buy something from her rather than go somewhere else to try to find the perfect gift. (I'm still working on my obsession with perfectionism!)

As it turned out, the couple loved my gift, and I felt really happy that I was able to support a small business that was struggling. Looking back, I know that I had been led to that shop for important reasons.

We can make a positive difference in people's lives!

"Please check out my latest (Kindle) book, "Down Memory Lane" which is on Amazon. (See widget above.)

Positive thought: "During these trying times that we are having worldwide, the spirit world is so active because they really want you to know that your loved ones in heaven are close by, offering protection and love during these trying times. It is like they are showing up big-time to provide their support."- Bonnie Page, psychic medium

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Monday, July 11, 2022

"Love Never Fails"


I have a very special blog post about two very special people who recently got married. With this marriage, we welcome a new member to our family. (For privacy sake, I'll not tell or show who they are.) 

The wedding was beautiful and charming, but before I discuss it, I'll show what led up to the wedding.

Last summer, Greg and I went to their engagement party at Warehouse 817 in Bristol, Virginia, an event venue, where we enjoyed good company...

and good food, like chocolate-covered strawberries!

Since we'd never before been to an engagement party, this was something very special for us!

FYI- Warehouse 817, 817 State Street, Bristol, Virginia

Then, in the spring, I was invited to a ladies-only bridal shower at the number one restaurant in Bristol (according to Tripadvisor), J Frank.

They had a great buffet.

And, there were some really nice gifts for the bride-to-be!

FYI- J Frank, 412 6th Street, Bristol, Tennessee

Finally, the big day arrived, the day of the wedding...

It was a beautiful ceremony at the elegant wedding venue, Chateau Selah. Heartfelt vows were spoken outside with a breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains as a backdrop.

"Love is patient. Love is kind. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails."- Corinthians 13:4-8 (These words were the very ones spoken at Greg's and my wedding on an August day many years ago.) 

After the ceremony, we went inside to enjoy refreshments...

and a delicious dinner.

And, for dessert, of course, wedding cake!

I told someone at the wedding that I thought that the newlyweds were soulmates.

"Soulmates...two halves of the same soul joining together in life's journey."- Unknown

"Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."- Melissa Brown

Chateau Selah
Time to go home, for my soulmate awaits.

FYI- Chateau Selah, 525 Gottland Shoals Rd., Blountville, Tennessee

Interesting fact: This wedding day, my cousin and his wife's wedding anniversary, and my mother's birthday were all on the same date, just different years. And, none of it was planned that way!

Positive thought: "Fairy tales do come true!"- Unknown
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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Importance of Being Positive


I decided to do a little research to see if being positive is a good idea, if being positive is worth the effort.

Here's what I found-

-Dr. Laura Koniver, who's an expert on grounding, says that optimism improves your body's health, that it protects the health of both your brain and your body. A positive outlook can even help you live longer. And, a negative attitude can harm your brain and body.

-The current special edition issue of the magazine, "ID," from A360 Media, "Marvels of the Mind," has an article that says that positive thoughts can even help heal. The article went on to say that people who have good posture tend to be more positive, and those who have poor posture tend to be more negative! What an incentive to better our posture!

-Delilah, American radio personality, recently had some words of wisdom about negative people. She said that she no longer wanted to be around people who are (I'm paraphrasing) negative, gossipy, mean, snarky, and those who say hurtful things because she didn't want to be like them. (Good for her! Good idea!)

Small Business Feature-

A local book publisher in my area, Victoria Fletcher, has a positive attitude. She works hard, is enthusiastic and upbeat, loves what she does, and she's very successful. Not only does she publish other people's books, but she has published 23 of her own books, as well! For an example of her excellent publishing work, see the first widget (above), "Down Memory Lane" by Becky Arnott. FYI-

So, is being positive a good idea? I would have to say that it's actually a great idea, and that it is worth the effort!

"Better days are on the way." -Unknown

Have a happy 4th of July!

Positive thought: "Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better." -Unknown

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

An Awesome Day!


"What is so rare as a day in June?" This is a quote from the talented American poet, James Russell Lowell. I often think of this quote when June arrives. June has always been my favorite month because of the nice weather and the beautiful trees and flowering plants. June makes me feel like "God's in His Heaven - All's right with the world!"-Robert Browning

It's also a wonderful time to travel! Greg and I like to go on day trips, places that are not too far from our home, but that are fun, entertaining, and educational. Just last week, we went on such a trip, to a really neat place, historic Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan, Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is a restaurant and a gift shop at the mill, and that's where we went first to have lunch.

We really enjoyed the country-style food-

 So good! 

The corn bread is made from the corn that is ground there at the mill.

After lunch, we enjoyed looking around the gift shop which features Virginia crafts and food and all kinds of souvenirs of the mill and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I bought a pretty magnet with a picture of Mabry Mill.

I also took several of my own pictures-

Here's one photo of Greg with the mill in the distance. (This place is a photographer's dream!)
We got to tour the mill and some other buildings, too, which showed rural life in Appalachia.

To sum it all up, I'd have to say that this was an awesome trip on an absolutely awesome day!


Here is a picture of my talented father-*

that I'm honoring for Father's Day.

Father's Day is next Sunday, June 19, 2022. Happy Father's Day to all fathers everywhere!

* My grandmother was also an artist, and when I was growing up, she did a painting of Mabry Mill which is how I became interested in visiting the mill.

Positive Thought: "Today is going to be awesome!"-Unknown (I have this quote hanging up at home, and I look at it every morning. This helps me to start the day in a more positive frame of mind.)

Check out my latest book, "Down Memory Lane" which is for sale on Amazon. For more information, see the widget above.

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