Sunday, January 2, 2022

Lessons Learned, a Fresh Start


As I looked back on my life in 2021, I wondered what lessons I had learned so I could have a fresh start for the new year in 2022.

To begin with, I learned to think for myself, not to take someone else's word for something that may or may not be true, but to search for the truth that is best for me. And, I learned to stand up for what I believe is right. 

I learned a lesson from someone I know who thought she needed a big change in her life- she moved to another state by herself, and she seems to be very happy that she made that move. So, if there's something you think might make you feel happier, and you think it is the right thing to do, go for it! Remember to live your dream!

Just recently, I decided I needed another white poinsettia for decorating, so I went back to the store to get one. However, when I got there, there were no more flowers in the area where I'd gotten the other one. I started thinking that one might be in the clearance area, so I went there, and sure enough, there was a lone flower that had been tossed on a shelf by itself. I couldn't believe my good fortune! I felt like it was waiting there just for me.

White Poinsettia

I learned that sometimes you're given a second chance on things, and if you are supposed to have it, it will be yours.

After we moved to our new house, I decided that I'd really like to have a pie safe for our kitchen. I went to several local stores, antique barns, etc. looking for one, and I even had several people looking, as well, but to no avail. On a treasure map (also known as a vision board) I'd made, I even had a picture of a pie safe, and I looked at that picture every day, wishing for a pie safe. However, I found out that they had become scarce, that there were not many around anymore.

One day, I decided to look online for the pie safe on a site that featured local antiques and furniture. Instead of a pie safe, I saw a pretty cabinet that looked similar to our built-in cabinets in our kitchen. It then dawned on me that something like this cabinet would be much better in our kitchen than a pie safe would have been.

Newly-painted Cabinet 

We went to see the advertised cabinet, and we decided it was perfect for our kitchen. It was a diamond in the rough; it needed some work so we got it at a great price. Greg sanded and painted it, and now we really like it!

The pie safe would not have looked right there at all. Also, pie safes in good condition are very  expensive now. 

Although a pie safe was on my treasure map, and almost all of the things I have on there have manifested, the pie safe was not one of them thanks to a quote I have on the map, "All this or something better now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways with good to all concerned." I'm very thankful for that quote. Sometimes what you think you want is not in your best interest.

It's good to be more spiritual, to look for the good in everyone, to sincerely compliment others, and to make them feel better about themselves. This includes friends, family, and even strangers.

(It's not up to us to hate, disrespect, demean and punish others that we decide are unacceptable. People that do that are setting themselves up for some really bad karma!)

However, it's good to either drop or limit your time with people who are not good for your well-being. We don't need to hate these people, but we do need to take care of ourselves, and to pray for them.

Greg and I have decided that we are only going to allow people into our lives that are kind, supportive, and respectful. Life is too short to do otherwise. We are now going to a beautician who cuts hair well, and is really nice, too. We decided to drop a seamstress who, although she does a good job, seems to have a lot of anger.

Something positive that we are now doing is leaving little papers different places that we visit. These papers have helpful messages on them like website addresses, positive quotes, etc. We do this anonymously, and we hope it's helping others.

Here's a good idea for the new year from Pal's-

Rhonda Byrne, the author of the best selling book, "The Secret," has an important idea for everyone for a better life, to only think of what you want, not what you don't want. Sounds good to me!

Positive thought- We need to look back and try to learn lessons from our lives, and to turn anything we see as negative into something that is positive!
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, February 6, 2022, Becky

Monday, December 6, 2021

Thanks for the "Positive" Memories!


My new book, "Down Memory Lane"* was recently published by "Hoot Books Publishing." It is "A Nostalgic Memoir of Life in the Southern Appalachians." It is my memoir about growing up and growing older in the beautiful mountains of Virginia and Tennessee. In this book, I don't dwell on the negative aspects of my life, but, instead, I emphasize the positive aspects.

In this blog post, as an exclusive for my blog readers, I'm showing some of the photographs that pertain to what is written in my book.

My mother and father, Jean and Bill Botts, owned a drugstore in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, and here is a picture of their soda fountain-

which is something that you hardly see anymore.

Next is a photograph of my mother with my brother, Nick,

outside at the Botts building which was across the street from the Trail Theater that showed movies.

Here is a photo of my grandparents whom we all called Mema and Giggy. They got these nicknames because when I was learning to talk, I couldn't say grandmother and grandfather.

They are sitting in a landscaped area behind the Botts building. As they got older, they lived in an apartment upstairs in the building. Giggy had his doctor's office downstairs.

This is our old house in Big Stone Gap when I was growing up-

In this photo, I am in front of our Christmas tree one Christmas morning-

Next, is a picture of my brother and me, all grown up, with Mama and Daddy in that same living room several years later-

My father painted the portrait on the wall.

As a teenager and a young adult, I, along with my family, took part in the official outdoor drama of Virginia, "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine."

This is a souvenir program for the drama.

A few years after I was in the drama, I was lucky to have met my soulmate, Greg Arnott, and only after five months, we decided to get married.

We announced our engagement at a big cookout at my parents'.

What a great turnout of family and friends!

We had a beautiful wedding ceremony inside my parents' house, and we had some of the wedding pictures taken out in the back yard. A cousin took a really nice photo that my mother turned into a beautiful painting of Greg and me-

which hangs in the bedroom of our house.

(In a couple of months, I plan to write a blog post about our family of artists.)

Greg and I love being together and doing things together. We especially enjoy traveling to new places, both far and near like...

Graceland in West Tennessee, and-

Hungry Mother Park in Southwest Virginia.

Our "children" have fur-

Mitzi and Kallie are Our Indoor Cats.

And, Kit-Cat, our newest baby,

Is Our Outdoor Cat.

Greg and I have had so many wonderful memories in our lives that we decided to work on our unfinished spare room in our new house in Virginia,

and to turn it into our memorabilia room-

 Everyone should have in a space in their house to keep and even display their treasures, things that bring back positive memories. You don't even need a whole room; you could just have a shelf or even a drawer for your memorabilia.

Greg and I feel so blessed; we are so thankful for all of our positive memories. We all have them; we just need to look for them, and to accentuate the positive!

Love, Greg & Becky

Positive thought: 

Great Advice!

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, January 2, 2022, Becky

*To buy "Down Memory Lane" by Becky Arnott, which is available in both Kindle eBook and paperback formats, just click the widget above. Thank you! 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

A Fun Trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!


Greg and I recently went on a fun trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee which is less than three hours from our home in Virginia. Beginning in childhood, Greg and I enjoyed going to Gatlinburg with our families, and we have continued going there throughout our adult lives. Over time, many of the shops and attractions have come and gone, but even today, it is still the same charming town.

There are several good restaurants with delicious food like the-

Pancake Pantry.

We hadn't been there in several years, so I'm so glad we got to enjoy the same great food that we had gotten there in the past.

For lunch, this is what Greg had-

He is somewhat of a cheeseburger expert, so he thought this was one was really good!

When I went to the Pancake Pantry when I was younger, I almost always ordered the Caribbean pancakes, but this time I decided to try something new- 

strawberry crepes. Great choice! Almost to pretty to eat, though!

After our big meal, we walked around and checked out the neat shops like those at-

The Village

We really like a shop that's been in Gatlinburg for many years-

which has a large array of tasty candies for those with a sweet tooth!

And for something unique, educational, and interesting, be sure and stop by-

Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Love the arty, creative building design!)
(Notice the Space Needle in the background. From there, you'll have a bird's eye view of Gatlinburg.)

If you'd like something adventurous, try riding-

the skylift up and down a mountain.

Instead of walking around town, you could take the-

Gatlinburg Trolley.

If we'd had more time, we could have enjoyed supper-

on a rooftop!

We might just do that on our next trip, or on the next one after that. Gatlinburg will still be there waiting for us to enjoy and explore.

What a great place to just get away with loved ones and have a good time. You can feel the positive energy, the camaraderie of the people there just having fun!

Positive Message

Just outside Gatlinburg, we saw this American flag made out of wood on an old building-

It is a symbol that reminds us that we are entitled to "...certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."
-Thomas Jefferson, from "The Declaration of Independence"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Positive thought- Keep the faith!
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, December 5, 2021, Becky

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Living Positively


Living positively can be a challenge anytime, but especially in today's unsettled world. It can be done, however.

In this blog post, I'll tell you some things that have helped me in my positive-living journey. Some of these guidelines might even help you!

First of all, I always try to be true to myself. For example, if I feel that a certain fashion trend is not for me, I just don't buy the trendy items. Also, Greg and I are very low-tech. We don't go for the latest technical gadgets. We actually still read real books. We have decided to do what's best for us. Doing this has made us feel happier and more in control of our lives.

-"To thine own self be true."-Shakespeare

Nothing in nature is perfect, but everything is still beautiful. In the same way, you don't have to be perfect to be a beautiful person.

Express yourself! Be creative!

Have a hobby. Do something you'd really enjoy!

Celebrate! (Often!)

Enjoy yourself, wherever you are...

in your own back yard or...

on an adventure!

Pal's in Abingdon, Virginia always has the right idea!-

Surround yourself with happy memories.

Greg and I, with the help of a friend, turned our old unfinished storage room into a finished room, complete with some of the mementos (photos, souvenirs, etc.) that we'd kept from our childhood and beyond. We're still adding things from our recent trips, special occasions, etc. I love this room. When I walk into it, I feel like I'm getting a warm hug.

You don't need to fix a whole room like we did, but keeping things around that make you feel happier can be a good thing!

Always make it a point to only hang out with with others that are kind, supportive, and respectful.

It's nice to have someone special to love, whether it's a person or...

a pet.

We recently made a new friend, this super-cute dog that we met on one of our walks through town.

We try to eat healthy food, even when we eat out.

This parfait may look unhealthy, but it's actually made with pumpkin, yogurt, and honey, and is really quite good. (Also, don't be afraid of doing something new, like making this parfait! You might even start to feel like you're a gourmet chef!)

Every once in a while, though, have a special, decadent treat-

(It's the yin/yang theory [you know, balance] that a massage therapist once told me about. That's one great theory!)

Like at-

Blue Hills Natural Food Market in Abingdon, Virginia and...

Natural Foods Market in Johnson City, Tennessee

These health food stores have good quality items, and the clerks are knowledgeable and helpful. Also, we try to shop at places that share our values.

Happy Halloween!

Positive thought: "Be spiritual. I've found that things go much smoother, life is much easier when you are!"-Becky Arnott

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, November 7, 2021, Becky