Sunday, February 2, 2020

Hidden Gems, Fancy Gap & Cana, Virginia

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Greg and I first learned about Fancy Gap when we were at an upholstery shop in Abingdon, Virginia. Greg saw a lion statue they had outside the shop, and we asked where they had gotten it. They told us there was statuary in Fancy Gap and Cana, Virginia.

Greg wanted a lion statue, and we also wanted to see what else they had in these two towns since we are new to the area.

Fancy Gap and Cana are over an hour from where we live, and we decided we'd be there a whole day, and really enjoy our trip.

In Fancy Gap, our first stop was" Mountain Star Gallery" where they have all kinds of beautiful, local handcrafted items.

"Mountain Star Gallery"

Another neat shop is "The Nest & Hive Shoppe."

Gloria Brown is the personable owner of the shop.

 It's beautifully arranged and decorated, and all ready for Valentine's Day!

Also, there are some other neat shops, like Carolyne's that has locally-made, delicious candy, as well as quilts and other items.

Before we went on to Cana, we decided to stop by the highly recommended restaurant, "The Gap Deli" for a quick lunch.

It was great! It was a large salad for me, and a meatloaf sandwich for Greg.

We topped it off with a piece of fantastic hummingbird cake which we shared.

This is the beautiful view of the Southern Appalachian Mountains from our first stop in Cana...

Towe's Country Store...

which has all kinds of wonderful things, like Amish canned goods.

We had one more stop, the main reason for our trip...

 "Poor Boy's Variety" which has all kinds of pretty statuary and other items for the yard,

and the one item that Greg had wanted is now his, a lion, to stand guard at our new house.

Fancy Gap and Cana in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are two hidden gems that are just waiting for you to discover. Take a chance; try them out. Bet you'll be glad you did!

Happy Valentine's Day!

(At "The Nest & Hive Shoppe")
Positive thought: Always remember: "Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!"

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, March 1, 2020, Becky