Sunday, April 7, 2019

Drug Stores Past and Present Including One That Became a Restaurant

This blog post is a very special one for me because it's about a drug store that became a restaurant. I'm talking about Swaney Swift's on the Square in Gallatin, Tennessee.

You see, my parents used to own a drug store when I was growing up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. It was called-

Here's the interior of Swaney Swift's-

as compared to the Botts Drug and Variety Store one in Big Stone-

Shirley used to work at the drug store for my parents.

Greg and I really enjoyed our little trip to Gallatin which we'd never before visited. Swaney Swift's used to be an old drug store, but just recently it became a restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated in a drug store motif.

We had a delicious meal there, served by our waitress, Lexie. I had a yummy raspberry grilled cheese sandwich, and for dessert-

what else would be more appropriate in a drug store turned restaurant than a milkshake!

Was it good? Here's the answer! "Good to the last drop," just like that popular coffee that's been around for a while. 

And, this old milk shake machine brought back more fond memories of my parents' old drug store.

This experience was like a walk down memory lane for me. It was one I'll always treasure.

Just go to Swaney Swift's if you'd like to make your own fond memories.

Swaney Swift's

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