Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Afternoon at Bays Mountain Park


Recently, Greg and I visited the beautiful Bays Mountain Park which is owned and operated by the City of Kingsport (Tennessee).  To quote the park brochure, "Bays Mountain Park sits on a 3,550 acre natural basin...that serves a 44 acre lake habitat."

"Typical Appalachian plants and animals inhabit the park including deer, squirrels, raccoons, a variety of bird species and many others."

There are many interesting features at the park to enjoy which include animal habitats, picnic areas, fishing (only for certain ages and only during certain times), nature programs (like the barge ride which lets you view the park from a different perspective), the Farmstead (which is a museum about the way some people used to live in our area), and planetarium shows (which astronomy buffs are sure to love).

Greg and I usually visit this park at least once a year to enjoy the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.

Last time we were there, we saw several deer walking freely around the park to the delight of park visitors, including us!  We also noticed several squirrels and a rather chipper chipmunk (which is actually a small squirrel).

Once, when we were walking on one of the mountain paths, we encountered a red fox.  (All was well, for we ran one way, and the fox ran the other!  It's even possible to occasionly spot a black bear while on a hike around the park.  See park info for precautions.)

While there, we always enjoy documenting our visit by taking lots of pictures, some of which, as you can see, are here on this blog post.

Visiting the gift shop is a must.  You're sure to find something just right to take home as a souvenir of your visit.  You can choose from a nice selection of delightful items including jewelry (I once found a beautiful gemstone bracelet there.), books, pictures, toys, local honey, and even freeze-dried ice cream ! (like the astronauts eat).

Greg and I simply love Bays Mountain Park.  Chances are, you'd love it, too!

Be sure to check out their website (listed below) for more detailed information about the park.

Bays Mountain Park
853 Bays Mountain Park Road
Kingsport, TN 37660
Phone 423-229-9447

Positive thought: Get back to nature this week!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspired by Nature


As I was looking through our many photos, I noticed some particularly nice ones that my husband Greg had taken here in our area.  With his permission, I decided to share those with you today.

I read somewhere that if you can't be outside in nature on a pretty day, just looking out the window for a few minutes or even viewing pictures of nature can be relaxing, and even inspiring!

So just relax and enjoy Greg's photos, and maybe you'll be inspired to go out and take your own nature photos!

Positive thought: Happy Father's Day to all fathers everywhere, including Greg's 97-year-old father, and mine, who is in spirit.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purple Cow



            Purple Cow

   I never saw a purple cow.
   I never hope to see one.
   But I can tell you anyhow
   I'd rather see than be one.
                    Gelett Burgess

You might remember the above little poem from your school days.  I always thought it was rather clever and cute.

Just wanted you to know that there really is a Purple Cow right here in Kingsport, Tennessee!  It is a drive-thru restaurant owned and operated by Mike and Debbie Warren since 1993.  It got its name from the fact that Debbie's favorite color is purple, and that when the restaurant first opened, they mostly served items with beef.

The Purple Cow building is eye-catching and colorful.  In front of the building stand several bovine statues, most of which are colored (you guessed it)-purple.

Not only is this little restaurant visually appealing; it appeals to your taste buds as well.

The menu is large and varied which is unlike most drive-thrus.  It includes a wide selection of burgers, other sandwiches (even peanut butter and jelly!), subs, salads, extras (such as fried green tomatoes), wings, dinners (Steak is a favorite.), drinks (There are over 100 flavors of milkshakes.  By the way, this is the "Home of the Purple Milkshake."), and desserts (such as cheesecake, brownies, and twirls.)

When I talked with Debbie, she told me their food was fresh and made from scratch daily.  They make new tea every few minutes.  No wonder it's all so tasty!

Greg and I go there once a week to get our Purple Cow fix.  (I heard that some people go there to eat more than once a day, six days a week!)  Greg usually orders the chopped steak dinner while I'm partial to either the steak bomb (one of their most popular items) or the grilled cheese on rye.

There is usually a long line whenever we're there, but that's fine with us because it's worth it.  The food is good and the prices are cheap!  The wait is usually anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes.  One great thing is that if your meal is prepared faster than the ones in front of you in the line, someone will bring your food out to your car so you can leave the line early. (All of the employees seem friendly and helpful.)

 Good news!  Plans are in the works for the opening of a couple of more Purple Cows in the area!

In summary, I'd have to agree with the Purple Cow logo that says, "It's utterly delicious."

They also deliver and cater, so give them a call.

Purple Cow
1648 E. Stone Dr.
Kingsport, TN 37660
Midnight on Fri. & Sat.
Closed Sun.

Click on the link below to check out Greg's and my latest photos on iStock:

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solutions for the Home


Besides the various other projects that I do, I am also interested in making a home a more enjoyable place in which to live.  In fact, I now even have a business called Home Solutions which includes clutter-clearing and organizing, one day decorating (which is rearranging things that you already have to make a room more functional and visually pleasing), and non-toxic house cleaning.  My husband Greg works with me some, as his schedule allows, in various capacities such as putting up shelves, etc., ( but we don't install whole closet systems as there are specialists who do that.)  (Also, we don't organize anything on the computer.)

In addition to the above services, we can shop for any organizing tools or any decorating items you might need.  We can even provide our original art work for your home.

The photographs on this blog post are a few of the befores and afters that we have taken to give you an idea of the type of work that we do.  Let us show you our extensive portfolio during your free consultation!

If you have a question or are interested in any of our home services, please e-mail us at: .

Our prices are reasonable and we guarantee our work!

F.Y.I.: e-mail

Positive thought: Change your home, change your life.

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