Sunday, July 7, 2019

Our Visit to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee


A few weeks ago, Greg and I made a little journey to a park in Spencer, Tennessee, several miles from where we live. The park we visited was Fall Creek Falls.

On the way, before we went to the park, we stopped for lunch in Pikeville, Tennessee. We'd planned to go to a restaurant we'd researched online, but we couldn't find it after we got there. I remembered that it was supposed to have been near an ice cream parlor, which we easily found. I went in and asked where the restaurant was, and the girl that worked there told me that it had just recently gone out of business. A customer there said that he was sorry about that, because it was a really good restaurant. I thanked the girl for her information, and I told her that we might be back later after we ate lunch somewhere.

As we drove through the small town, we went by a restaurant that looked very attractive so we decided to try it out. 

It was called Pig-N-Catch.

On the sign outside, it said that they had barbecue, catfish, and steak. That really got Greg since he loves barbecue!

(I decided to get chicken tenders which I'd never before had. They were delicious! A few weeks later, I even worked up to chicken and waffles which I had thought was a weird combination, but now, that's my new favorite occasionally when we eat out.)

We were really lucky with this restaurant, and for dessert, we decided to go back to Ember's Ice Cream Shoppe in Pikeville where the girl had been so helpful earlier.

Ember's Ice Cream Shoppe

Delicious Again!

So far, this had been a great day, and we hadn't even been to the falls yet!

Fall Creek Falls State Park was so pretty!

There were several waterfalls to see. What an adventure!

To me, this was the most picturesque of the falls-

Fall Creek Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States at 256 feet-

We got plenty of exercise, walking around and seeing the waterfalls and other beautiful scenery.

Time for a Break! (Notice the waterfall between the trees on the left in the distance.)

For those who love being in the water, there's always swimming here in the park. 

Some people even jumped into the water from the large nearby cliff!

Fall Creek Falls State Park
2009 Village Camp Road
Spencer, TN 38585

Positive thought: "Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape."-Anonymous
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