Sunday, April 10, 2011

Becky Arnott, Artist

As I mentioned earlier in my blog (Please see Profile and "First Blog Post," March 5, 2011, etc.) I enjoy doing several different types of art.

I sell prints of some of my paintings which were done using either pastel, acrylic, or mixed media.  Many of my subjects are Appalachian Mountain in theme.

Also, I do commissioned portraits of people and pets from photographs in either pastel or pencil.  Each portrait comes complete with a 16" x 20" mat.

In addition, I make jewelry, magnets, and paper weights, etc. out of genuine Appalachian Mountain coal.  My coal items are either plain, painted, or decoupaged with my own original designs.  I can also customize
the magnets and paper weights with any picture and/or lettering.

I first became interested in working with coal because it is an important part of the area where I grew up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  Also, coal is featured in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" outdoor drama in Big Stone Gap with which my family and I were involved for several years.

I have my art work for sale in their drama gift shop and in the adjacent June Tolliver House gift shop, as well as in other local shops.

F. Y. I.
My e-mail address, if you'd like to contact me, is:

Positive thought: Everyone is an artist.

Thanks for visiting!  Until next time (Wednesday, April 13), Becky

 Note: The right to copy, photograph, or reproduce this art work is reserved by the artist.

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