Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Easter Celebration in Tennessee


(This blog post is a little late this week due to a portrait commission I needed to finish. It was a multi-people-animal pastel portrait that was rather challenging. However, it turned out well as the person I did it for seemed to be very pleased with it! Sigh of relief! Thanks for your patience. For more portrait info, please visit www.beckyarnottartist.com )

I'd just like to share with you our recent Easter celebration.

Easter Sunday, we were invited to Bonnie and Doug's for an after-church Easter brunch.

When we first arrived at their lovely home, these pretty blooming flowers immediately captured our attention. The weather has been really perfect this spring in this area of Tennessee for an abundance of beautiful blooming trees, shrubs, and flowers.

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."-S. D. Gordon

There were flowers gracing the inside of the house, as well.

Everything seemed very festive with Easter decorations such as these balloons-

Preparations were still underway in the kitchen for our Easter meal.

In the meantime, everyone seemed to enjoy the appetizers...

as well as the fellowship-

The food looked really good, and some even had interesting names such as "Mary Magdalene" rolls.

We had the blessing before our meal.

The food was delicious, and healthy!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.

Besides Easter, there was another special reason to celebrate, Mike's birthday!

I bet the dog was hoping for some special Easter treats, as well!

Thanks, Bonnie and Doug for this special Easter celebration. It's one we'll always fondly remember.

Easter question-
"Q: How do bunnies stay healthy?
 A: Egg-xercise!"
-Author Unknown

Positive thought: "...make every day a holiday and celebrate just living."-Sydney Smith
Thanks for visiting! Until next Monday, Becky

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Anonymous said...

lovely pix and celebration. thank you for your creativity and for sharing this with us.