Monday, December 9, 2013

Maury Christmas Tour of Homes


I'm running behind on my blog posts this week, as we've had a busy weekend.  On Sunday, we attended a wonderful Christmas open house.  On Saturday, Greg and I went on our first Maury Christmas Historic Homes Tour of Columbia and Williamsport, Tennessee.  

On this blog post, I'll share with you highlights from our Christmas Tour of Homes.  Twelve sites were featured on the tour, but we only had time to work six into our schedule.  That was plenty for us.  We felt as though we'd gotten our money's worth.

Here, in words and pictures, is the Christmas tour, from our perspective:

We began our tour at the home of President James K. Polk where we bought our tour tickets.

Greg, trying to stay warm, as I took a picture before we entered the Polk home for the first time. 

It was a very interesting place. 

We then visited The Athenaeum which used to be a girls' school.  Money from the homes tour tickets helps in the restoration of this site.

                 Kaitlyn, in period dress, was our tour guide for The Athenaeum.

Next, we enjoyed visiting St. Peter's Episcopal Church.

                   Ethereal music greeted us as we entered this lovely old church.

There was a wonderful exhibit called "The Nativities" which consisted of dozens of nativity scenes that church members and people from the community had brought in for display.

We'd been to Elm Springs before (Please see my 6/2/12 blog post for more about Elm Springs.), but not when it was decorated for Christmas.

Greg checked out the antiques and decorations while...

I checked out the great-looking food on display in the lovely dining room.

We loved Skipwith Hall in Williamsport which is an old home that has been restored to its former glory. 

It is now available for hosting events such as weddings.

Pam Garrett, a tour guide in her period costume, added ambiance to this already lovely house.

Every home should have a chandelier and a fireplace in it's bathroom as this one does.  I fact, every room in this house seemed to have its own fireplace.

Also on this property was a cozy little cabin with its own Christmas tree, and its own fireplace.

Our final home on the tour was also a private residence, Montview, which is "a work in progress."

Although it was after dark and there was only ten minutes of tour time left, the owners graciously let us come in to see this lovely old home.

 I've always loved "An Irish Blessing," and this version was beautifully displayed.

Beatrice walked us to the door as we left our final home on the tour, tired but happy.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Maury Christmas 2013 Historic Homes Tour and look forward to next year to see more homes on the 2014 tour.

If you like old homes, you'd really love these, at their best, all decorated in their Christmas finery!

Tour Headquarters:
The Athenaeum
808 Athenaeum Street,
Columbia, Tennessee

Positive thought:  "At Christmas all roads lead home." -Marjorie Holmes (From a Maury Christmas Historic Homes Tour brochure.)
Thanks for visiting!  Until sometime during the period between December 13-17-another busy weekend!, Becky

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