Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finding the Extraordinary in the "Ordinary"


Do you think of this time of year and, sometimes, even your life as being dull and drab?

Actually, things are how you choose to see them.  It's all according to your perspective.  It's really true that seemingly "ordinary" things that are, for the most part, overlooked, are quite extraordinary if you just consciously become more aware if their existence.  This can make life more interesting and enjoyable.

The following photos that Greg and I took hopefully illustrate the above idea:

Luckily, I just happened upon an animal adoption event at the Kingsport Petsmart.  The Kingsport branch of the newly formed SBK (Sullivan County, Blountville, Kingsport) Animal Center had some animals there on Saturday for people to see and adopt.  For more information on the Kingsport branch, please see F.Y.I. below.  (Our two cats came from the Kingsport shelter, so I have a special place in my heart for the shelter and the people who tirelessly work there.)

                                                            Featured Photos


SBK Animal Center
2141 Idle Hour Rd.
Kingsport, Tennessee
(423) 247-1671
Mon.-Sat.-12:30-5:30 PM

Positive thought: If you look for the good, the positive, the unique, the beautiful, you'll surely find it!
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time (Sunday, December 4), Becky

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