Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wild Flowers and "Wild" Cats


                                                                Wild Flowers

Greg and I are fond of summer.  In fact, it is our very favorite season.  We love the warm weather and the extraordinary beauty of nature, especially flowers.  Flowers add such a special touch to anyone's yard, etc.  Even wild flowers can bring an unexpected loveliness to the most unlovely types of places.

Recently, I set out on an excursion to find and photograph some of the prettiest wild flowers in our area.  I was amazed at how beautiful even wild flowers can be!  (However, a few of those I photographed may not be technically wild flowers although all were either beside the road, near railroad tracks, or in open fields, etc.  In any case, I hope you enjoy the following photos.)

I especially love sweet peas because they bring back good memories of Mama and other relatives picking them to decorate for Greg's and my at-home wedding.




                                                               "Wild" Cats

A couple of weeks ago, we took our cats, Kallie and Mitzi, to have their required (and dreaded!) yearly rabies shots.  Normally, they are two of the sweetest, best-behaved cats on earth.  However, once they get to the vet's office, they turn into wanna-be mini-killing machines!  If you saw them, you'd think they were possessed!  Any way, our veterinarian, Dr. Hobbs and his staff do a great job handling these tiny terrors.

We'll always be grateful to them for nursing Kallie and Mitzi back to health when they were just kittens (right after we'd adopted them), as well as for the other times that we needed their very professional help and

However, we want to show everyone at Family Pet Veterinary Hospital the following pictures of Kallie and Mitzi at home, to let them know how they look when they're not over-reacting to being at the vet's office!




                                                               Listening to Music


                                                                Hanging out with Greg 


                                                                     Mitzi and Kallie

We are currently working with Dr. Hobbs on ideas for taming these wee beasties for any future vet visits.

We are especially thankful that on our last visit Dr. Hobbs gave our cats a rabies shot that is good for three years!

Family Pet Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Shean J. Hobbs
4399 Hwy. 11 W
Blountville, TN 37617

Positive thought: Beauty is everywhere if we just look.

Until next time (Sunday, September 18), Becky

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