Sunday, May 1, 2011

Appalachian Mountain Coal Art

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I mentioned in an earlier blog post (Please see the April 10 post.) that I take pieces of genuine Appalachian Mountain coal and make them into mini works of art.  In today's post, I'll explain in more detail how I go about creating my coal pieces.

First of all, I go to one of our local coal companies in Southwest Virginia to collect the coal I'll need for my projects.  The people there are kind and accomodating as they always give me a handful of coal which I need for my artistic creations.

Just recently, I talked with general employee, Steve, at Rick Begley Coal & Construction about the coal they have, and he told me that their coal comes from both deep and surface mining.  They have two types of coal, stoker and lump.  I use the stoker coal for my jewelry and magnets, and the lump for my paper weights.

                              End-of-Season Coal Piles at Rick Begley's Coal & Construction

After I get home with my raw material, I wash it thoroughly to get rid of any dust, and oil (which was put on the coal to keep down excess dust).  When I decide what I'm going to make the pieces into, I use my own secret process to form the coal into the size and general shape I need them to be in.  Then, I either hand paint (using a very small brush!) or decoupage my own design on each one, unless I'm going to leave the piece plain.  Next, I glue on any backs or whatever is needed.  Finally, I coat each piece with a protective medium and put them on my own cards, etc.  I always try to sign or initial each piece that I've worked with.

A lot of work goes into the manufacturing of my coal art, but I try to keep my prices affordable.

One of my local coal art outlets is the Clapboard House in Wise County Virginia.
The Clapboard House
P. O. Box 1489
Wise, VA 24293
web address:

Please contact me if you're interested in buying any of the coal pieces on this blog post or you'd like a custom-designed piece or have a question.

F.Y.I.: e-mail address:

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