Monday, October 7, 2019

New Blog Post on Wednesday


I've been really busy, and we're off on yet another adventure. I will have my newest delayed blog post this coming Wednesday, October 9, 2019, sometime during the afternoon. Please stay tuned!

Positive thought:
"Life is like a camera...
Focus on what's important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
and if things don't work out,
Take another shot!"

I can relate to this quote since I'm really into photography...

as is my husband Greg...

and my cousin Bruce...

and my brother Nick. Check out Nick's unbelievable photograph on my next "Spirit Photographs" blog post on Saturday, October 19! Warning-It's pretty scary, and appropriately, just before Halloween! 

Thanks for visiting! Until Wednesday, October 9, Becky

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