Sunday, August 11, 2019

How We Manifested Our Dream Home


This post is a continuation of the post from last week, "We Moved to a New House, to a New State" which I posted on August 5, 2019. On that day, I said that Greg and I manifested our dream home, and that I would tell how we did so.

Our 1901 Farmhouse

Greg and I knew exactly what we wanted, and we were determined to have it, so I decided to fix a treasure map or what some people call a vision board. A treasure map is something that you fix that helps you focus on what you'd like to have.

I got a large poster board and divided it into six sections for the things in my life I wanted to improve. I could have just concentrated on our house, but I thought that I'd also like to work on other areas as well such as health, etc.

Our Dream House Part of the Treasure Map

I looked at this map almost every night before I went to sleep, and I thanked God and the angels for it in advance. When it begins to seem real to you, that's when it will manifest. This is not just mumbo jumbo. It really works!

Notice how similar our real house looks with the one on the treasure map which is a picture I found in a magazine. Also, our kitchen and the one on the map are almost identical. We have an open staircase just like on the map. We also have fireplaces, three instead of two. (We got a little bonus!) We didn't know it until we first went and looked at the house that it had a fountain just like on the map!

It's on over an acre of land with beautiful views of the mountains of Southwest Virginia which is near where we used to live before we moved to Middle Tennessee seven years ago. Greg was originally from East Tennessee, and I was from Southwest Virginia. We lived together most of our married life in East Tennessee.

We had a great real estate agent who helped us get our new house. We got it for an unbelievably low price. It's a partial fixer-upper which Greg and I love. We have fixed up three other houses in the past.

There are other, simpler types of treasure maps you can fix to help manifest your dreams, as well.

This is just a framed photograph of a dream house with a cutout of a couple (which just happens to be Greg and me as an example) along with an affirmation and the words, "Thank you."

This is just a photograph of a house with a for-sale sign, and "SOLD" placed on the sign in photograph to help manifest the sell of the house.

Also, in addition to making treasure maps, vividly imaging what you want also helps. I did both to help us get our house.

Greg just fixed in his mind what he'd like, and he got what he wanted from a certain type of lamp post to living in a quiet place without much traffic.

Also, we didn't just dream. We really worked at searching the Internet daily, and we actually looked at six houses which was a drive of over 350 miles for us each time. 

We're still in the process of making our house our home, to fix it just as we want it to be. Each day we're getting closer to our goal, and we're enjoying it every step of the way!

What we have done, so can you. Happy manifesting!

As Paul Harvey used to say, "This is a strange." - Both the woman that we bought our house from and the woman who is on the staff helping us sell our other house have the same first and last name, Beverly Jones! (This is not their real name.)

Positive thought: "Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."-Unknown
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, September 1, 2019, Becky

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