Sunday, October 19, 2014

Papa Kayjoe's Bar-B-Que, Centerville, Tennessee


(Or, as comedian Minnie Pearl used to say, "Howdeeeeee!")

When Greg and I visited Centerville, Tennessee for the first time during the "National Banana Pudding Festival" (Please see my 10/12/14 blog post.), Greg spotted a barbecue place that he said he'd like to visit sometime, so few days later, we went there.  Greg doesn't fool around when it comes to barbecue, for I think he's its biggest fan.  He's to barbecue as Popeye's Wimpy was to hamburgers!

Anyway, the barbecue place we visited in Centerville, was called "Papa Kayjoe's Bar-B-Que" that just recently had its fourteenth anniversary.

During our previous visit to Centerville, I hadn't gotten a very good look at Papa Kayjoe's, so I was really impressed right off with the way it was decorated on the outside, very professionally, by the owner, who's not even a decorator, (but he is a minister, as well as the owner!)

The inside also has some interesting things on the walls.

Minnie Pearl, whom I quoted at the beginning of this post, and wrote about on last week's post, is, of course, Centerville's most famous daughter.  She is featured on the wall, below.

If you don't know about Minnie Pearl, just Google her name, and you can read all about her!

Papa Kayjoe's was even featured in "Southern Living" magazine! 

As if this weren't enough, this barbecue place and its owner were also on the "Cooking Channel."

We had no idea that this place was so famous and well received, even nationally!

Now, on to the best part-the food!

Our appetizer!

My Delicious Meal (I didn't get a picture of Greg's barbecue sandwich, as he had already eaten half of it before I could aim my camera in his direction!  Anyway, he said it was great, and declared that it was the very best barbecue he'd ever eaten!, and that's saying a lot for Greg for he is a barbecue connoisseur.)

Greg, with Tonya, who was very helpful and efficient.

Decor, as Well as Souvenirs of a Really Special Place 

Enjoying the Porch Swing Before Our Trip Back Home

Papa Kayjoe's BBQ
119 West Ward Street
Centerville, TN 37033
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-"Take the back roads instead of the highways."-Minnie Pearl

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words:) Please come visit us again when you can !!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! Please come visit again real soon :)