Friday, April 4, 2014

A Picnic, in Early Spring?


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A few days ago, we had such a warm, pretty day where we live that we decided to go on an impromptu picnic, even though it is still early spring.  We went by one of our favorite local restaurants and got a carry-out which we took to one of our favorite local parks and had a picnic lunch.

After our picnic, Greg and I enjoyed exploring the park.

The flowers, flowering bushes, and trees were a profusion of loveliness.

The hyacinth is not just pretty; it also has a wonderful fragrance.

"(One of) the things that makes me happiest in the whole world (is) going on the occasional picnic."
-Kate Winslet

F.Y.I.: International Picnic Day in 2014 is Wednesday, June 18.

Positive thought:  For many of us, the best time of year is here for the next few months.  Looking forward to that!
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2 Dogs said...

I'm so glad spring is here and the trees are indeed beautiful! Have a great week. Hugs, Pat