Sunday, January 27, 2013

Picturesque Southern Appalachian Mountain Names


One day, when Greg and I were on a rather lengthy road trip, I happened to glance over at a sign that read, "Buttermilk Road."  I thought that the name, "Buttermilk Road," sounded so romantic and picturesque.  Images of what it would be like to travel down that road flashed through my mind.  Although we didn't have time to go down that road on the trip, it made me curious as to what Buttermilk Road would be like.  Maybe someday when we have more time...

Later, when we got back home, I thought it would be fun and interesting to check a map we had that listed Southern Appalachian Mountain streets and towns to see what names I could come up with.

I was amazed at the very descriptive names I found that actually tell something about what each area is like. 

I came up with a pretty extensive list, but here are some of my favorites:

Many referred to trees:
Dogwood Lane, Big Oak Road, Juniper Street, Old Hemlock Lane, Mimosa Street, Walnut Grove Road, Laurel Branch Road, Whispering Pines, Evergreen Valley Road, and Forest View Drive.

Some referred to flowers and other plants:
Tulip Street, Apple Blossom Circle, Daffodil Lane, Honeysuckle Lane, Clover Drive, Ivy Lane, and Rose Hill.

Quite a few referred to birds, animals, and insects:
Buzzard Roost, Eagle Drive, Hummingbird Lane, Deer Cove Lane, Falcon View Drive, Bear Hollow Road, Fox Den Road, Frog Level Road, Kitty Lane, Hollow Blacksnake Road, Goat Nanny Hill Road, and Cricket Drive.

Others referred to water in some form:
Silver Lake Road, Cold Springs Road, Ebbing Flowing Springs Road, Pond Road, Grassy Creek Road, Moss Creek Drive, Twin Falls Drive, and Sinking Creek Road.

Still some referred to the mountains or foothills:
Mount Pleasant Road, Rocky Hill Lane, Woodland Heights, and Mountain Meadows Road.

The Native American influence is evident in these names:
Cherokee Lane, Arrowhead Drive, Comanche Way, Apache Drive, and Seminole Drive.

The English influence can be seen with:
Robin Hood Lane, Saxon Road, Knight Lane, Scarborough Lane, Canterbury Road, and Ivanhoe Drive.

The religious influence is obvious with:
Bible Drive, Church Lane, Beulah Land, and Paradise View Drive.

Places you might want to go:
Happy Valley Road, Pleasant View Drive, Valentine Street, and Merry Street.

You might want to stay away from (especially after dark!):
Skunk Hollow, Cemetary Road, Poor Valley Road, Devils Nose Road, War Valley Road, and Gunsmoke Hollow.

Other picturesque names are:
Country Gardens Road, Old Country Lane, Old Farm Road, Misty Lane, Strawberry Plains, and Sleepy Hollow Road.

I even found streets that were named for me and members of my family.  (Sure!) 
Rebecca's Lane, Nick Drive, and Lisa Lane. 

Greg even had a whole town named for him!-Gregory.

I thoroughly enjoyed my research project.

What are some picturesque names in your neck of the woods?  Bet you'd find some good ones!

Positive thought:  "Why not enjoy the little things-there are so many of them."-Author Unknown
Thanks for visiting!  Until next Sunday, Becky

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