Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Very Early Spring, in January?


 Where Greg and I live here in Tennessee, I have concluded, through Greg's and my recent observations that we are in for an early spring.  I think it's more than just the "January thaw" that iconic weather man Willard Scott used to talk about.  We've seen several flocks of birds the past few weeks, chirping away.  Also, the distinct odor of skunk has been wafting through the air a bit more than usual for this time of year.  And, one evening, as Greg and I were about to enter our house, we heard the sounds of frogs in a nearby pond!  Greg said that the earliest he'd ever heard a frog before was in February.  Some people even have daffodils coming up in their yards.

We have been having some warmer weather.  Last week, it was in the low 70's here.  It's colder this week, and we've had some snow flurries and sleet, but it's bouncing back to the 40's and 50's with sunny skies for the next several days.  We'll take that!

Although we love the warmer-weather months, there is still plenty to be positive about in the winter. One thing I really enjoy doing inside the house is going through drawers and cabinets and organizing them.  While I'm at it, I am finding things I can sell in a spring yard sale or online.

Then, there are special days to enjoy like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.  (Greg and I are part Irish, but it's a great day for anyone to enjoy, of course!)

Also, it's just so cozy to sit by the fire and enjoy popcorn and a cup of warm cocoa while curled up with a good book.  Or, playing a game of Chinese checkers with loved ones could be fun.  One could just daydream about a vacation in Hawaii or the South Seas.

Whether an early spring is just wishful thinking or just around the corner, we can make the most of the here and now, by having a wonderful time, no matter what the season or time in our lives.

Positive thought: "Life is a special occasion." (From a "Hallmark" bag)
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