Friday, December 28, 2012

Positive New Year!


And, a happy and positive New Year!

Here are some positive quotes to help you start the new year right:

"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day."
-Michael Josephson

"Everything is possible to the one who believes."
-Mark 9:23

"Look for the positive; magnetize the positive."
-Becky Arnott

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."
-Oprah Winfrey

Here are some of my favorite affirmations:

I enjoy being positive and having positive feelings.

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.

I deserve to be happy.

I fill my mind with positive and loving thoughts.

My future looks great!

Positive tidbits:

For the most part, I try to be around people who are positive and respectful.

I enjoy reading positive and uplifting articles and books.  I especially love success stories.

Positive thought:  "Write it on your heart that evert day is the best day in the year."
                               -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thanks for visiting!  Until next Sunday, Becky

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