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(I'm happy!  I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my blog, but as you can see, I finally got them figured out.  I'm a few days late, but better late than not at all.  I'm proud of myself, for I am not technically inclined.  I'll, hopefully, be back with another blog post around Sunday, December 9.  Thanks, Becky)

According to Webster's New World Dictionary, a silhouette is "a solid, usually black, outline drawing, esp. a profile" or is "any dark shape seen against a light background."

                                                        Photo by Greg Arnott

Silhouettes have always fascinated me.  When I was younger, I used to admire the paintings of an artist in Southwest Virginia who painted black scenes against colored backgrounds.
Later, I learned to cut silhouettes of people's profiles out of black paper which I attached to lighter backgrounds.  These would look nice in black frames to display on the wall.

An easy way to have silhouettes is to take pictures of objects against the sky.  The best times to do this is usually either in the morning around sunrise or late in the day around sunset.

Here are a few silhouette photos that I took-

                                    Can you find the squirrel hidden in this photo?

To me, this robin silhouetted against the late autumn sky symbolises the promise spring returning every year at its appointed time.

Positive thought:  Set happiness as a top priority.  Focus on doing things that make you feel truly happy.
Thanks for visiting!  Until Sunday, December 9, Becky

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