Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gasthaus Edelweiss, a Taste of Germany

Wilkommen (Welcome!)

If you've ever dreamed of visiting Germany, Gasthaus Edelweiss is a great place to start, to give you an idea of what it's like to be there.  One of the meanings of the word "gasthaus" is a relaxed and cozy restaurant.
"Edelweiss," the second part of the name, is a white flower that blooms in the European mountains.

To me, Gasthaus Edelweiss means a wonderful place to dine in Weber City, Virginia.  It's as if this entire restaurant were magically transported from Germany to the spot on which it sits.  The outside is lovely with the unmistakable German architecture, accented with pretty blooming flowers in the yard.  The inside has a tasteful traditional German decor.  Even the lovely music is-German.

All this sets the stage for a fabulous meal.  (I'm almost running out of superlatives!)  The extensive menu includes the traditional German fare, plus.  The heavier, stick-to-your-ribs type of food is especially good for this time of year as the weather turns cooler.

Greg and I really enjoyed our meal.  He had the Zigeunerschnitzel (a pork dish with a spicy sauce) with homefries and a tossed salad.  I had the chicken cordon bleu (with Black Forest ham) which was out of this world!  It came with spatzle (a German pasta), and instead of the vegetable of the day, I opted for a tossed salad.  We each had a hard roll which Germans prefer instead of the soft rolls which most of us Americans are used to having.

Greg and I really wanted to try a dessert, but we were pretty full, so we decided to take one home with us-a piece of Black Forest cake.-Good choice!  We loved it.

Ingrid and Edwin Carter have owned and operated Gasthaus Edelweiss for 24 years.  They are an interesting and entertaining couple.  Edwin met Ingrid, a native German, when he was stationed in Germany while in service.  They just recently returned from a trip to Germany and England.  They said that they like visiting Germany in September, that the leaves are very colorful then.

                                                              Ingrid and Edwin Carter

Edwin laughingly told us that people have called the restaurant and asked to speak to either Gasthaus or Edelweiss!

Ingrid said that she was thinking about having Octoberfest soon, but she wasn't sure, since she was still experiencing jet lag from their trip abroad.  She indicated that if she did have Octoberfest, it would include a traditional German feast, maybe a buffet, with non-alcoholic beer.  There would be German decorations, music, hats, etc.  This all sounded like fun to us.  (If not this year, maybe next!)

                                               Long-time Customers, Jon and Jennifer Bays

So, in conclusion, if you'd like to have a simply delightful, unique dining experience, you might want to consider Gasthaus Edelweiss!

                                                   Who Can You Imagine Sitting Here?

Gasthaus Edelweiss
Weber City, Virginia
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, lunch, 11-2
Dinner from 5 by reservation  Call for group functions and parties.
Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & holidays

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european mountains said...

True to its name, it really looks like a relaxed and cozy restaurant

terry & sharon cradic said...

Unbelievable authentic german food at its finest!!!! right in the heart of the tri-cities(Kingsport,bristol,johnson city)
Outstanding homemade dishes from the owners,who always please their guest!
Give it a won't be disappointed...Gasthaus Edelweiss is a one of a kind treasure!!!