Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Mustard Seed Cafe, Kingsport, Tennessee


Today, it's The Mustard Seed Cafe (in a new location), revisited!

If you liked The Mustard Seed Cafe in Gate City, Virginia (which I wrote about in my April 13, 2011 blog post that I've since deleted), you'll be pleased with the new version in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee.  People seem to be flocking there.  It, apparently, is a very popular place!  As before, the food is good, the staff is friendly, and the decor is lovely.  One of the owners, Debi Tabor (Her husband Glen is the co-owner.) described the cafe as " homey."  I would have to agree.

Greg and I recently took my mother Jean there to celebrate her 87th birthday.  (Next week, other family members who couldn't be with us at the cafe, will join us for another birthday celebration for Mama.)  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Mama had the cranberry chicken quiche with a garden salad.  Greg had the grilled cheese on wheat, and I had the spinach quiche with potato soup.  Sweet muffins came with all of our meals.

To top off everything, Mama was pleasantly surprised when Debi Tabor graciously presented her with a large piece of chocolate cake as we all sang "Happy Birthday."  (They generously supplied the cake [free!], and we supplied the candles.)  Mama kindly shared the lovely confection with Greg and me.  It was every bit as delicious as it looked.

For more menu listings, please visit their excellent web site.  (See F. Y. I., below,  for web address.)

Also, in addition to their regular cafe fare, they have a coffee bar, Seeds Coffee Le Bistro, which has smoothies and all kinds of tasty beverages.

Sam Hoskins, our helpful and efficient waitress, took time from her busy job to fill us in on the latest at the cafe.  (The owners were also helpful in answering our questions.) 

The Zumba classes with instructor Micah, the Tabors' daughter, will not be at the cafe as they were in the Gate City location.  Instead, they will be held at the Gate City and Colonial Heights Baptist churches.  (Please call the cafe for details.)

An area in the back of the cafe can be used to accommodate meetings and parties.

I'm happy to report that starting on Monday, July 11, they will be serving breakfast!  The menu items will include breakfast casserole, omelets, and muffins, to mention a few.

As we left the cafe, with images of croissants and other breakfast treats (which were so beautifully described by our waitress) dancing in our heads, we vowed we'd soon return, perhaps earlier in the day, for another delightful visit.

Other options: carry-outs and dining outside

F. Y. I.
The Mustard Seed Cafe
118 E. Market St.
Kingsport, Tennesse
Phone: 423-765-2940
Fax: 423-765-2941
Mon.-Fri., 7:00-3:00 (Some Friday nights open during downtown concerts)
Sat. & Sun., 9:30-3:00

Just click on the link below to see the latest photos that Greg and I have on iStock:

Positive thought: "Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life." (From sign in The Mustard Seed Cafe)

Thanks for visiting!  Until next time (Sunday, July 17), Becky

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