Sunday, August 7, 2016

Positive Memories


These days, it's almost essential to have positive thoughts about things. One great way to have those thoughts is through our pleasant memories.

Something that happened just recently made me think about how these positive memories are actually an important part of our lives.

Yesterday, Greg and I met with an aromatherapist to help us with a couple of things we wanted to improve on, and she told us that if a particular scent appealed to us, it was meant for us to have.

There was one fragrance that I particularly loved, that I definitely wanted. When I smelled it, I felt transported to an especially happy time in my life. All of a sudden, it was Christmas at my old childhood home. Our family was gathered around the dining table, and the smells of Christmas dinner wafted through he air. I could also see the pretty Christmas decorations, and gifts around the tree.

More Recent Christmas Memories at Greg's Brother's House

Wow! Who wouldn't want something like that! Just think, with a simple whiff, it can be Christmas every day!

It's really amazing that the sense of smell is that powerful, and, in fact, the sense of smell is the best of the five for helping one recall the past.

Of course, there are other ways to access your pleasant memories. Greg and I started talking, reminiscing about fun things we used to do when we were growing up.

We both loved similar candies like "Reese's Cups." Also, we went to a lot of similar places on trips, like the old "Howard Johnson's" restaurant (with its 28 flavors of ice cream) and motor lodge. (For more info about this "American icon" check out: .

Once, when I was about four years old, my parents and I went to church for a program that I decided I really didn't want to be in, so after I got all upset and started crying, Mama and Daddy promptly took me to a nearby drug store, and we all had milk shakes. That really calmed me down. To this very day, a milk shake is one of my favorite comfort foods!

"Becky, remember the good times."
-The comforting advice of my "philosopher" uncle on the passing of my father

I was always fascinated with my grandparents' beautiful, almost magical back yard. It was a sight to behold, with its lovely roses, trellises, bird bath, and grape arbor, complete with a swing that could hold two people. In my little-child mind, this just had to be the most wonderful place on earth.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary which brought back fond memories of when Greg and I first met and our beautiful wedding at my parents' house.

Positive memories can also be triggered by watching old TV shows, visiting an antique shop or memorabilia store, listening to old songs, being at a restaurant with retro decor, researching online,  reading books, magazines, diaries, or emails about "the good old days," and looking at photos, etc.

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
-Kale Lagerfeld

These positive memories are a gift to us; they are our go-to places that can transport us back in time, that help us put things in perspective; they are a comforting place that can be with us forever.

What are some of your pleasant memories?

Positive thought: "Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever."
Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, August 21, Becky

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Well said! Scent stories are so important and evocative.