Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Tennessee Road Trip

Greg and I recently took a little trip to yet another park, David Crockett State Park in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. and this was a really nice one. In fact, this park got the "National Gold Metal Award," "Best in the Nation" which it truly deserves.

The 1,100-acre David Crockett State Park "is in honor of one of Tennessee's most famous native sons," a "pioneer, soldier, politician, industrialist, legislator, statesman, patriot and hero..." according to the brochure.

The park offers camping, fishing, boating, hiking, and swimming. It also has cabins, picnic pavilions, an amphitheater, bike trails, and a restaurant.

When we arrived, we were really impressed with the beauty of the park, and that same excellent quality was evident in the Crockett's Mill Restaurant & Patio inside the park where we enjoyed lunch.

The decor was very attractive.

You can either order from the menu or opt for the buffet, and we chose the buffet, as we usually do whenever there's a buffet available.

The food was great. In fact, this was probably the best ham I've ever tasted!

View from the Restaurant Window

 After lunch, we decided to explore the park, and...

The scenery was gorgeous!

Paddle-boating is so much fun!

In fact, our entire visit to the park was fun. You might just want to try it for yourself sometime!


We went into Lawrenceburg after we left the park, and saw this impressive statue of David Crockett on the town square-

It just so happened that the day before our trip I decided to work on ridding myself of a not-so-good (bad) habit. I told Greg that I had a plan to rid myself of this habit. My plan was to reward myself in some way during the late afternoon of each day that I got through the day without giving in to this habit.

These rewards were just little things, gifts to myself (like special food, under $5.00 items, watching favorite DVD's, etc.) for doing a good job. I made out a list of rewards, and started implementing my plan on the day that we went to the park.

My first day's reward was a cone of ice cream which was easy to obtain since we were on a trip.


(However, I don't plan to give up one bad habit for another one! I eat something sweet just once or twice a month. That's why this ice cream cone was such a special treat for me, a perfect reward!)

Anyway, the plan seems like a good one because I have refrained from this bad habit for several days, and if I can get through a whole week, I'll buy myself a book that I've been wanting. If I can just get through twenty-one days, the bad habit should be eliminated completely.

In the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying every day as I have something positive to look forward to with my little rewards. I can't vouch for anyone else using this plan, but this seems to be working for me.

Even after I'm completely rid of my bad habit, I think I'll try to give myself little rewards for completing tasks, in a timely manner, that usually cause me to procrastinate.

This trip to David Crockett State Park was just part of our Tennessee road trip. We also enjoyed a little extra add-on excursion which I'll write about next week on this blog.

Please stay tuned for "A Tennessee Road Trip, Part 2" next Sunday.

Positive thought: "Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding."

Thanks for visiting! Until next Sunday, Becky

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