Friday, July 11, 2014

One Way to Be Happier and More Positive


I want to share with you what I've been more actively working on the past few weeks, and that is to become a lot healthier through what I consume and surround myself with every day.  I believe that is one sure way to be happier and more positive, because if you're not healthy, how can you have optimal happiness and a positive attitude?

Seeing people we love and care about being really sick and dying has been a wake-up call for Greg and me.  I believe we'd all like to live long and healthy lives.

Also, I want to try to tell others, including our loved ones, what I've learned from my recent research.  At this point, I'd like to make a disclaimer that I'm not an expert on the subject, and it's up to the reader to determine what's best for him or her.  This blog post is merely offering suggestions.

First of all, it's essential in my view to completely eliminate GMO's (genetically modified organisms) from the diet as they can cause allergies and are toxic!  A great website for info on this is  On this site you will find a movie with a powerful movie trailer, "Genetic Roulette," by Jeffrey Smith which tells the truth about GMO's, where they are and how to eliminate them from your life.  He also has related books, brochures, DVD's, CD's, and a newsletter.

One of my favorite websites is which has extensive info about GMO's and harmful food additives.  She also gives tips on feeling and looking your best.  I signed up for her free newsletter and downloaded the "Non-GMO Shopping Guide" she has on her site which is great!  She even tells how to "Eat Organic on a Budget."  This site really helped me end the confusion on all of this.

Other helpful websites (in no special order): (which I have used quite a bit for checking for healthy cosmetics and shampoos, etc.) (which tells how healthy cleaning, etc. products are) you can check out restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in your zip code or any zip code where you might travel that has local, organic, healthy food. (for non-toxic home cleaning) (for non-GMO seeds)
-On Green Polka Dot Box, you can buy organic on the Internet.
-Eye-opening book, "Wheat Belly," on Amazon

More quick ideas, tips, and observations:
-By choosing certified organic products, you will avoid exposure to GMO's.
-I look for the "Non-GMO Project" seals with the picture of an orange butterfly on product boxes, cartons, etc. before I buy.
-Also good-I look for "USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic" on products.
-Greg is now studying "The 4 Foot Farm Blueprint" we got online to grow your own food.  (Greg is the gardener in our family.)

Greg with his tomato plant.  These little tomatoes are delicious!

-I'm now visiting our local farmer's market.  Local is generally better for you, and tastes better, I think, but also note that local food does not always mean organic.  Ask to find out.

Question: Why is it that many countries are banning dangerous food chemicals, etc., but the United States is far behind in doing this?!

If you have any other helpful websites, etc. on this subject to share, please do.  I'd love to hear from you.

Positive thought:  "The groundwork of all happiness is health." -James Leigh Hunt
Thanks for visiting!  Until next Sunday, Becky

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