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I guess these days many of us could use some inspiration, so I decided to have a blog post about the things I have found that inspire me.

One of the easiest ways for me to be inspired is to watch Youtube videos.

My all-time favorite inspirational video is "Susan Boyle First Audition" on "Britain's Got Talent."  Try to watch that without getting a lump in your throat or tears in your eyes.  It's about the little guy winning, overcoming the odds.  At the time of the audition, Susan was 47 years old, unemployed, and had a background of being ridiculed as a child by other children, but she overcame it all because she believed in herself and was determined to use her God-given talent.

In addition to the Susan Boyle video, there are some other great Youtube videos including those featuring "Random Acts of Kindness."  If you've ever lost faith in humanity, just watch ones such as these to see that there are still a lot of wonderful, caring people out there.

I love "Woman's World" magazine because it is so positive and inspirational.  Every week there are several sections that deal with inspiration-
-It's "Seven Days of Inspiration" has sayings such as "You are one of a kind and wonderful" which you could easily turn into an affirmation to say throughout the day, "I am one of a kind and wonderful."  (This is not being narcissistic, but instead, it is helping you to build up your self esteem in order to make you feel better about yourself so you can more easily face the world each day.)
-"You Deserve Good Things" is another short but inspirational feature.
-"My Guardian Angel" is a section where readers share their stories such as this week's story about Jeanne whose father (that had passed on) sends her lucky pennies.  These stories are commented on by angel expert Doreen Virtue.

Speaking of fathers, I'd like to wish all fathers everywhere a very happy Father's Day.  Greg and I send special Fathers's Day wishes to our fathers who are in Heaven.

Positive thought: "Every moment is a fresh beginning."-T. S. Eliot
Thanks for visiting!  Until next Sunday, Becky

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