Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farmers Family Restaurant


Greg and I just recently discovered a great place to eat, the Farmers Family Restaurant in Columbia, Tennessee.  We're not the only fans, because the place was packed when we first got there for the lunch buffet a few days ago.

Rustic Decor with Several Great Prints of Country Scenes, Many of Which Feature Mules

In fact, one lady who works there, Mary Sackrider, was so impressed with the restaurant that she wrote a poem about it!  (She's even had her poetry published!)

                                                   "A Great Place to Eat"

If you are hungry, come on down
To a wonderful place on the west side of town.
To a restaurant that's fabulous, its one of a kind
With great tasting food, that will blow your mind.
Monday thru Thursday, from 11 till close
You would not believe how the buffet grows
Most of the food, like the chicken and fish,
And barbeque ribs are a regular dish.
Also the lasagna, and the mac and cheese
And the chicken and dumplings are there to please
There's roast beef, turkey, and pork chops too,
And so many vegetables, just to name a few.
Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn casserole & beans
Cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and even turnip greens
Then comes Friday night when the seafood is prepared
The boss tells all about it and then he says a prayer.
Saturday begins the day with breakfast bar at seven
The food is so delicious you'd think you were in heaven.
I know you're getting interested
So I'll tell you if you want
The name of this fabulous place is
The Farmers Family Restaurant!

I couldn't have said it better!  Good job!

                                                 One of Three Long Buffet Bars

                                                         Salad for Starters

                                                  Finish It All Off with Desserts

                                     Amanda Conaway's Creations Are Works of Art!

A lot of good country cooking at a reasonable price in a friendly atmosphere!  Where could you beat that?

1918 Shady Brook Street
Columbia, TN
Owner-Billy Raynor

Featured photo
Can you guess what this is?  (Answer below)

Positive thoughts:  "April showers bring May flowers." (Proverb)  May is right around the corner!

Thanks for visiting!  Until next time on a Sunday, Becky

Answer:  It's a peacock flying over a fence.  (Once a day, Mr. Peacock seems to enjoy leaving the confines of his home to stroll around on the outside in search of adventure!)

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